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The tourist season has arrived and Ocean City is putting up some new boardwalk barriers for security reasons.

WBOC reports that there will be up to 10 different gated entrances onto the boardwalk.

Those steel gates will are for first responders and maintenance crews.

The estimated cost is $1.2 million.

Resort officials say these will be permanent barriers but do not expect them to affect the look of the resort.

Don Rush

OCEAN CITY, Md. (AP) - Some restrictions on boardwalk performers in a Maryland beach town have been deemed unconstitutional.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports U.S. District Court Judge Richard D. Bennett ruled performers on the Ocean City Boardwalk will no longer have to sign up for spaces a week in advance. Performers are also no longer restricted to certain dedicated areas and performances before 10 a.m. and advertising are now permitted.

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The landmark Dumser’s Dairyland on the Ocean City boardwalk will be around a little bit longer

Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan says the town will not move against the establishment until there is a final decision by the Court of Special Appeals.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that means the restaurant will not have to shut down at the end of this month.

The paper adds that Meehan’s statement indicated a decision would not be forthcoming until sometime next year.

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There is an effort in Ocean City to keep the famed Dumser’s Dairyland ice cream parlor.

It came in a brief town council meeting yesterday when members of the group called Save Dumser’s spoke during the public comment portion of the session.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that Vicki Magin who spoke at the meeting has collected more than 10-thousand names on her petition.

She told the council members that there is growing public support to preserve the landmark business on the boardwalk.

Holiday in Ocean City

Jul 6, 2017
Don Rush

It was a busy weekend in Ocean City as thousands turned out for the Fourth of July holiday. Delmarva Public Radio's Don Rush paints this sound picture of the people along the boardwalk and on the shore.

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OCEAN CITY, Md. (AP) - Maryland's senior senator says planned replenishment of Ocean City's beach has been moved up a year by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Sen. Ben Cardin says the $3 million project will begin after this summer is over, instead of the end of the 2018 season. The project is expected to be finished in time for the start of the 2018 summer.

Cardin and other politicians and officials announced the advance Monday on Ocean City's boardwalk.

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Those who sponsored benches along the Ocean City boardwalk may be facing an additional cost.

The Public Works Department says that seven to ten years into the program some of the benches are in need of repair.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports on one bench that was purchased by Brian King eight years ago at a cost of $25-hundred.

But now he is faced with repairing or removing it…and could face fee of as much as a $1-thousand to restore or replace the bench depending on cost.

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The Ocean City Town Council wants to take another look at plans for a cell tower along the Boardwalk.

They say they are concerned about “visual pollution”.

Houston-based Crown Castle wants to put up 12 such towers along the eastern side of the Boardwalk.

The plans would erect a total of 19 such poles that will reach 20 feet high.

The council wants the polls to be placed on the side streets west of the Boardwalk.

The cell towers would provide service for AT&T and Verizon customers among others. 

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There will be no more smoking on the beaches or boardwalk of South Bethany Beach.

The town council approved the measure on Friday and it applies to products ranging from cigarettes and cigars to e-cigarettes and vaporizers.

That is anything that can be heated and inhaled.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the move is part of a major trend along the Delmarva coastline.

One council member pointed to a survey that found 72 percent of the 14-hundred property owners approved of the ban.

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OCEAN CITY, Md. (AP) - Ocean City police officers now have the power to arrest people who repeatedly violate municipal infractions, such as smoking in a prohibited area.

WMDT-TV  reports that the City Council voted unanimously Monday to pass the proposal as an emergency ordinance in order to make it go into effect immediately.

Police spokeswoman Lindsay Richards says the ordinance will ensure that boardwalk performers are following the new laws that require them to sign up through city hall and perform in a designated area.