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Delaware officials are asking residents to report any sick birds in their efforts to track the West Nile virus.

The Division of Fish and Wildlife said that finding such birds that may have died of the virus will help find areas where the mosquito-borne virus has been.

WBOC reports that species to watch range from crows, blue jays and cardinals to robins, hawks and owls among others.

In addition, authorities are considering imposing penalties on residents who leave standing water where mosquitos breed.

Essay: Birds and Bridges

Mar 11, 2016
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Birds and bridges. Delmarva Public Radio Essayist George Merrill writes they both seem to delight in their each other's company.

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BALTIMORE (AP) - Two birds normally found in the Caribbean and parts south are visiting Baltimore's harbor.

Two brown boobies, an adult and a "subadult" about a year old, have been seen around Baltimore's harbor this month.

Phil Davis of the Maryland Ornithological Society said in a phone interview Tuesday that he has seen and photographed the seabirds. He says a water taxi operator spotted the birds recently and emailed the Audubon Society, and the message was posted on the Ornithological Society's email list.

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NEWARK, Md. (AP) – A team of scientists is using a high-tech NASA radar to monitor the fall migration of birds over the Delmarva Peninsula.

The Wilmington News Journal reports scientists will be looking at where birds are stopping, eating and lingering as they examine the best habitats that remain for the region’s migratory son birds.

University of Delaware research Jeff Buler says the majority of birds are migrating at night. He says residents can hear their flight calls if you listen carefully.

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PORTLAND, Maine (AP) - A research team is looking at the effects that Superstorm Sandy had on birds and plants in tidal marshes from Maine to Virginia.

For the study, technicians have visited hundreds of marshes to assess bird populations and measure vegetation.

Birds - George Merrill

The Holiday season is when one often sees Delmarva's bird population migrate to the south.

But, Delmarva Public Radio essayist George Merrill wonders, what they must think of all those cars they pass by below.