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Three Wicomico schools were locked down this morning.

The move came after The Red Fox mini mart on Route 13 was robbed according to Fruitland police.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the students and staff at Bennett Middle School, Fruitland Primary School and Fruitland Intermediate School were kept inside the buildings.

Police say there were no injuries from the armed robbery.

Authorities say suspect has been described as a light skinned black male, approximately 5-foot-6, stocky build and wearing dark clothing.


Liza Hastings has been named Middle School Principal of the year for Maryland.

Hastings is principal of Bennett Middle School.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports she was startled when she heard the news by a district school official who broke into the morning announcements.

She is a graduate of the Wicomico County school system and began teaching sixth grade history at Glen Avenue Elementary school in 1997.

Hastings eventually went on to be an assistant dean and history teacher at Wicomico High School.

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A charter bus driver carrying students from Bennett Middle School has been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

He was stopped in Talbot County by police after the group was returning from a field trip in Calvert County.

The school district says the students and chaperones were safe.

Parents were told of the late arrival of students.

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SALISBURY, Md. (AP) - A Salisbury middle school teacher has been arrested following accusations she sexually abused a student.

The Salisbury Daily Times reported Tuesday authorities arrested 32-year-old Kelly Michelle Riddle on May 18 and charged her with two counts of sexual abuse of a minor.

Authorities say Riddle was an eighth-grade teacher science at Bennett Middle School.

According to online Maryland court records, the two counts of alleged sexual abuse occurred between June 1, 2014, and May 11, 2015.

The warm temperatures are coming to the peninsula.

And Wicomico County education officials are reminding parents they can have their children opt out of class at schools that are not fully air conditioned when the temperatures get above 85 degrees.

The facilities affected include Bennett Middle School as well as West Salisbury Elementary and East Salisbury Elementary.

Students must provide a note from the parents or guardian when they return to school.

They will be able to make up the work they missed with an excused absence.

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The Wicomico County public schools will wrap up the term on June 17th.

Maryland Schools Superintendent Lillian Lowery has allowed the district a three day waiver after 9 days of school were missed due to the spate of snow storms this winter.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that along with the 5 additional days that have been added to the school calendar April 7th which has been set aside for teacher workshops will be counted as a sixth school day.

March 31 will replace the professional day for teachers and classes will see an early dismissal.

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The Wicomico County Council yesterday turned back an effort by County Executive Bob Culver to halt the demolition of the old Bennett Middle School.

Culver’s 5 year capital improvement plan withdrew the money and called for using the building for county offices and moving the new athletic fields for the James M. Bennett High School to property on the athletic practice field on Division Street.

The council members questioned the timing of the decision to halt the demolition plans.

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Wicomico County officials made their pitch to the Maryland Board of Public works for extra money to build Bennett Middle School.

Wicomico County public schools would like $10.2 million for the fiscal year 2015 for ongoing construction of the facility.

The interagency Committee on School construction has recommended funding only $7.6 million.

Superintendent John Fredericksen told the Board that his number one priority is Bennett Middle School.

$12.5 million worth of bonds were approved by the Wicomico County Council last night for the construction of the new Bennett Middle School.

All but one council member approved the money.

The exception was Council President Joe Holloway who said afterward that he was only allowed to vote to break a tie.

Board of Education President Ron Willey and Superintendent John Fredericksen both made their pitch for the project.

There will be a public hearing by the Wicomico County Council tonight on the plans for a new Bennett Middle School.

But Superintendent John Fredericksen said he was not sure if he will speak.

The hearing is being held to approve $12.5 million in bonds for the construction of the school in the fiscal year 2013.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the county has spent around $8 million to buy the parcel of land in Fruitland.

The planning phase of the project began back in 2008…but was put on hold because of financial concerns.