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8:36 am
Tue June 10, 2014

Funding For Cybersecurity Building at US Naval Academy up in Senate Soon

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski says a Senate vote on $120 million for a new building for cybersecurity training at the U. S. Naval Academy could be three weeks away.

Mikulski told member of the academy's Board of Visitors Monday that there is "tremendous support" for the building to help best prepare future Navy leaders in cybersercuity. The House of Representatives would need to concur with the provision.

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7:44 am
Mon June 2, 2014

Last MD Vet of Puerto Rican Unit in US Military Honored

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BALTIMORE (AP) - A 96-year-old Korean War veteran is being recognized as Maryland's last living member of a segregated, Spanish-speaking U.S. Army unit nicknamed the Borinqueneers (bor-INK'-wen-eers).

Sen. Barbara Mikulski is among those paying tribute Monday in Baltimore to Leonardo Martinez of Odenton.

The Maryland Democrat co-sponsored a resolution awarding the unit a Congressional Gold Medal. The measure passed both houses of Congress and is awaiting President Barack Obama's signature.

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8:42 am
Thu May 29, 2014

Cybersecurity Roundtable to Expand Industry in Maryland


HANOVER, Md. (AP) - U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulski and Gov. Martin O'Malley are attending the launch in Hanover of the Maryland Cybersecurity Roundtable, aimed at expanding the state's computer security industry.

Thursday's event is the first meeting of the industry-led group. It springs from a state panel's recommendation last year for capitalizing on the federal government agencies and military installations that play a big role in the state's economy.

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8:26 am
Tue May 13, 2014

Another Request for Pfizer to Keep AstraZeneca Jobs in MD

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WASHINGTON (AP) - Maryland's two U.S. senators and four of the state's eight representatives are urging drug maker Pfizer Inc. to make sure that its proposed merger with AstraZeneca PLC doesn't eliminate Maryland jobs.

They sent a letter Monday to Pfizer Chairman Ian Read, following a similar plea last week from the governors of Maryland and Delaware.

AstraZeneca employs about 3,100 people in Maryland and about 2,600 in Delaware.

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2:38 pm
Thu April 3, 2014

Delay in Somerset Wind Project Heads to MD Senate Floor


A measure that would delay a wind turbine project in Somerset County by 15 months has made it out of the Senate Finance Committee.

The delay would allow for the results of a $2 million study on the impact of the project on radar at U.S. Naval Air Station on the Patuxent River.

In addition, the measure would limit the height of wind turbines at varying distances at varying distances from the naval base.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that Eastern Shore Democrat Jim Mathias voted no saying the issues could be dealt with through existing state and federal laws.

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11:20 am
Fri January 17, 2014

Rep. Andy Harris Votes Aye on Trillion Dollar Spending Bill

Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md)
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Congressman Andy Harris voted for a fiscal 2014 spending bill that would provide just over $1 trillion in federal government money after opposing a similar measure that he said did not emphasize savings.

The measure passed the house on a vote of 359-to67.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that while the Eastern Shore Republican believes the spending caps are still too high he said in a statement that the measure preserved many of his fiscally conservative goals.

Harris was one of nine Republican who voted against the budget deal but then supported the spending bill.

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8:37 am
Tue December 3, 2013

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Marks Opening of Crisfield City Dock

Crisfield Dock Construction
Credit Ashley Martin

Senator Barbara Mikulski was on hand for the dedication of the new City Dock in Crisfield which was severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy a year ago.

Mayor Percy Purnell told the gathering that he was cutting the ribbon on the dock, which he said the city desperately needs to kick start town's economic recovery.

The 30-year old City Dock had been scheduled for repairs when the storm hit.

Meanwhile, Mikulski called the dock the symbol and the reality of economic development and revitalization.

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11:45 am
Mon October 28, 2013

More Federal Money for Maryland Communities Hit by Superstorm Sandy

Superstorm Sandy

EASTON, Md. (AP) - The Department of Housing and Urban Development is awarding $19 million in aid to Maryland communities hit by Superstorm Sandy.

Sen. Barbara Mikulski and Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown  announced the funding through the Community Development Block Grant program this morning in Easton.

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12:44 pm
Tue October 15, 2013

One Maryland Broadband Network Completed

Governor Martin O'Malley
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STEVENSVILLE, Md. (AP) - Maryland officials announced the completion of the One Maryland Broadband Network.

Gov. Martin O'Malley, Sen. Barbara Mikulski and Howard County Executive Ken Ulman made the announcement today at Kent Island High School.

The broadband network project connects more than 1,066 community anchor institutions. Those include schools, police facilities, libraries, colleges and universities with 1,321 new miles of fiber.

The project has been a partnership among federal, state and local communities.

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8:53 am
Mon September 23, 2013

Top MD Democrat Endorses Brown Bid for Governor

Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-Md)
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SILVER SPRING, Md. (AP) - U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulski is endorsing Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown to be the next governor of Maryland.

At a campaign rally Sunday in Silver Spring, Mikulski announced her support for Brown, a Democrat, and Howard County Executive Ken Ulman for lieutenant governor.

Mikulski cited her work with Brown to improve health care, reduce domestic violence and to spur job creation. In a statement released by the campaign, Mikulski says Brown is honorable, patriotic and willing to tackle tough issues.

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10:05 am
Wed September 11, 2013

Delmarva Democratic Delegation Lining up Behind the President on Syria

President Obama
Credit cspan

President Obama's address last night found Senator Ben Cardin pleased with his performance noting that Obama showed no signs of pushing for immediate action.

Cardin voted to for the resolution approved by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee authorizing military action.

Meanwhile, even before the President’s address his fellow Maryland Democrat Barbara Mikulski  announced that she will support the President’s request to authorize air strikes against Syria.

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12:08 pm
Thu August 29, 2013

Northeast Fishermen Praise Disaster Assistance Funds in House Bill

Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-Md), Chair of Appropriations Committee
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GLOUCESTER, Mass. (AP)- Fishermen from the Northeast are thanking two key U.S. Senators for including $150 million in fishery disaster assistance in a recent appropriations bill.

The letter from 230 fishermen dated Tuesday was addressed to appropriations committee chair Maryland Democrat Barbara Mikulski, a Democrat of Maryland, and the committee's top Republican, Richard Shelby of Alabama.

It thanked them for their "extraordinary work" to include the aid, which is needed after massive cuts in catch limits this year.

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9:31 am
Thu July 25, 2013

NTSB Will Meet with Maryland Officials on Bay Bridge Crash

Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-Md)
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BALTIMORE (AP) - The National Transportation Safety Board says it will investigate last week's accident on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in which a car that collided with a tractor-trailer went over the railing and into the water.

The NTSB said Wednesday it will send two investigators from the Office of Highway Safety to Maryland to meet with local authorities about the July 19 crash. Officials say the agency will determine if there are any nationwide safety issues involved in the crash.

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9:05 am
Wed July 17, 2013

Possible Trouble Ahead for NASA Funding Bill

Credit NASA logo

A Senate Subcommitee yesterday approved an $18 billion funding bill for NASA and comes just as NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility is getting ready to launch the Antares rocket that will help resupply the International Space Station.

The Senate bill provides money for projects ranging from a manned deep-space mission to Mars and the deployment of the James Webb Space Telescope to a joint venture with private companies to transport U.S. astronauts to the space station in the next few years.

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9:52 am
Wed July 3, 2013

Monitoring Weather in Maryland

Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-Md) announcing new investment in weather monitoring equipment.
Credit NOAA

With the changing weather patterns and last year’s Hurricane Sandy the U.S. government is making an investment in Maryland to monitor this climate change.

Maryland News Connection reporter Allison Burns has the story.

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10:30 am
Fri June 21, 2013

Senator Chris Coons Named to Senate Appropriations Committee

Senator Chris Coons (D-De)
Credit official website

WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen. Chris Coons, Delaware's junior senator, has been appointed to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Barbara Mikulski, a Maryland Democrat, announced Coons' appointment on Thursday. Coons will take over the seat held by New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg, who died June 3.

Mikulski said she and Coons have worked together on issues that affect Maryland and Delaware.

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9:14 am
Mon April 22, 2013

Mikulski Rakes in Campaign Contributions

Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-Md)
Credit official photo

Even though she is not up for reelection until 2016…Senator Barbara Mikulski raised $191-thosuand in the first three months of this year.

That is far more than the $77-hundred for the last period last year.

The Baltimore Sun reports that her filing with the Federal Election Commission represents more than twice what she raised in all of 2011.

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9:40 am
Tue April 9, 2013

Senator Barbara Mikulski Hails Delay for Airport Tower Closures

Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-Md)
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Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-Md) hails the delay of closing tower at Salisbury-Ocean City:  Wicomico Regional Airport until mid-June to workout a congressional deal to avoid cuts from $85 billion sequester.  The Federal Aviation Administration had ordered a total of 149 such closures this spring.

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9:47 am
Thu February 28, 2013

Sequester to Hit Eastern Shore

United States Capitol

The budget cuts that will be coming from the sequester in Washington D. C. this Friday could have a major impact on the Eastern Shore.

$14.4 million would be slashed from primary and secondary education while $9.4 million would be cut from education for children with disabilities.

John Fredericksen, superintendent of Wicomico County public schools…told the Salisbury Daily Times Times, that the school system would be forced to cut staff, classroom supplies and some after-school program hours.

And, that, he added, is all before the end of the year.

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12:00 pm
Wed February 6, 2013

Federal Money to Help Storm Ravaged Communities in Maryland

Senator Barbara Milkuslki (D-Md)
Credit officials website

Senators Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin announced an $8.6 million federal grant to help communities in the state recover from Hurricane Sandy.

The Maryland Democrats said the money would come from the community Development Block Grant program.

The funds were included in the Super-Storm Sandy Supplemental Appropriations bill passed last month in the Senate to help restore infrastructure and housing in communities hardest hit by the storm.


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8:45 am
Thu January 17, 2013

Mikulski Promises More Aid to Somerset County After Hurricane Sandy

Senator Barbara Mikulski told the residents of Crisfield that she intends to send more money to help them rebuild in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

During a tour of the damaged areas in Somerset County the Maryland Democrat told them that she along with fellow Senator Ben Cardin and Governor Martin O’Malley had lobbied to get the Federal Emergency Management Agency to reverse its initial denial of benefits to individuals.

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8:55 am
Tue January 8, 2013

MD General Assembly Set To Begin Session

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - Maryland Democratic members of Congress will gather with state legislators for their 15th annual lunch on the eve of the General Assembly's legislative session.

The lunch is being held in Annapolis on Tuesday.

Sens. Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin are scheduled to attend. Most of Maryland's seven Democratic House members also are scheduled to attend.

Gov. Martin O'Malley and the presiding officers of the General Assembly are scheduled to be at the luncheon as well, in addition to other Democratic lawmakers.

10:50 am
Thu December 6, 2012

Maryland Senators Voice Concern Over Storm Aid

Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-Md)
Credit mikulski,



Hearing on Damage From Hurricane Sandy

Maryland officials told a hearing of the Senate subcommittee on Homeland Security of the in Washington yesterday that they were determined to get federal aid for individual hit by Hurricane Sandy, especially for those on the Lower Shore.

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3:41 pm
Thu September 13, 2012

$78,000 FAA Grant for Crisfield Airport

Crisfield Airport,

The City of Crisfield and Somerset County have been awarded over $78-thousand in Federal Aviation Money to update the Crisfield Municipal Airport’s master plan.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the announcement by Maryland Senators Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin will go toward upgrading operations and improving safety.

The first phase will use aerial reconnaissance to ensure there are no obstructions around the facility that would pose a danger to aircraft.

3:24 pm
Tue September 11, 2012

Delmarva Marks 9/11

Comemorating 9-1,

It was a solemn day across the country…as Americans marked the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon eleven years ago.

At the Heritage Shores in Bridgeville, Delaware cadets from the Junior ROTC program participated in ceremonies held at Woodbridge High School.

Meanwhile, Senator Chris Coons (D-De) said it was a day to not only remember those that were lost but also remind the nation of those who do the country harm.

3:18 pm
Fri August 31, 2012

Money Available for Airport Expansion on Eastern Shore

Ocean City Airport,

WASHINGTON (AP) - Two Eastern Shore airports have been awarded grants for safety and environmental assessments.

Ocean City Municipal Airport received a $54,000 Federal Aviation Administration grant to study moving existing instrument landing system localizers to meet federal safety standards. 

Bay Bridge Airport received an FAA grant of $150,000 for an environmental assessment to remove obstructions from the runway.

The grants were announced Friday by Maryland Sens. Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin.

9:27 am
Thu August 23, 2012

$500,000 Grant For Geoscience at UMES

Eaerth, NASA

WASHINGTON (AP) - The University of Maryland Eastern Shore has been awarded a $500,000 grant from National Science Foundation to help prepare students for science jobs.

The grant was announced by Democratic Sens. Barbara A. Mikulski and Ben Cardin on Wednesday. It will be used to help high school students complete undergraduate and advanced degree programs in order to prepare them for careers in geosciences.

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12:25 pm
Wed August 22, 2012

Senator Mikulski to Address Democratic National Convention

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski will be speaking at the Democratic National Convention.

Mikulski's office said Wednesday that the senator will lead the podium program highlighting Democratic women candidates for Senate in 2012. A record number of 12 Democratic women are running for Senate this November.

Mikulski is the longest serving woman in the history of Congress.

The convention will be held from Sept. 3-6 in Charlotte, N.C.

8:47 am
Tue June 19, 2012

Insurance Programs for Poultry Industry Weighed in Washington

Senator Chris Coons is co-sponsoring legislation that would establish two studies looking at the need for insurance programs to protect poultry growers from disease outbreaks or bankruptcies of poultry companies.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that his Delaware Colleague Tom Carper and Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski  have joined him in backing the measure.

But Maryland Senator Ben Cardin is still mulling over whether to support the amendment to the Farm bill.

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8:13 am
Fri May 4, 2012

Mikulski Says Wor-Wic Would be First on Eastern Shore to Benefit From Maryland Broadband Network


Senator Barbara Mikulski touted the Maryland Broadband Network saying that Wor-Wic Community College will be the first school on the Eastern Shore to go live.

The Maryland Democrat says that as of July the state is expected to have completed 128 miles broad band construction establishing the foundation for wiring the Eastern Shore.

Once the network is in operation the connection will allow Wor-Wic to consolidate Internet services.