Antares Rockete engine

There will be a new $6 million fire station on Wallops Island.

Construction is set to begin later in July and is expected to be completed a year from now.

The current fire station was established thirty years ago and was supposed to be temporary.

But the failure of the Antares rocket that exploded just second after liftoff at the Wallops Flight Facility has spurred construction after a half a decade of planning.

Currently, the fire station has to be evacuated every time there is a rocket launch like the Antares.

The next re-supply mission for the International Space Station from the Wallops Flight Facility is set for July 11th.

The afternoon launch of the Cynus spacecraft will deliver over 1.8 tons of cargo to space station.

Meanwhile, the engineering team has cleared the AJ26 engine that is currently integrated into the Antares rocket after a recent failure during a launch.

After the Cynus reaches the space station it will be loaded with nearly 1.5 tons of material for disposal upon reentry into the Earth’s atmosphere.