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WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) - Delaware cats are a new protected class under animal control legislation being signed into law by Gov. Jack Markell.

Markell was to sign two bills Tuesday, one relating to cruelty to animals, and the other involving dangerous dogs.

One measure allows first responders to use reasonable force to remove an animal confined in a motor vehicle under conditions likely to cause suffering, injury, or death.

First State Animal Center and Society

First State Animal Center and SPCA has a deal for local governments that is ending their animal control contracts.

First State says it is willing to cover animal control services through June of next year.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that in exchange it wants the local governments to pay for their employee’s severance, unemployment compensation and bonuses.

The price tag: $780-thousand.

Local governments were caught up short when First State decided to end all of its contracts in September instead of fazing them out over 18 months.

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WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) - New laws aimed at strengthening animal welfare in Delaware are set to take effect.

One of four bills to be signed by Gov. Jack Markell on Thursday gives the Department of Health and Social Services oversight over animal shelters, including investigating complaints, and requires shelter inspections at least once a year.

Another bill ensures that animal control officers and animal cruelty investigators are adequately trained and certified.

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The Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary is closed.

Now, what’s leftover including a company truck, dog crates and a chain-link fence will be sold off at a sheriff’s auction on January 29th.  

Money from the sale will to settle a debt that was not contested in court.

The sale will be held on the property on Shingle Point Road east of Georgetown.

All Aboard which took in animals from the shelter claims in a lawsuit that Safe Haven owes it around $35-thousand.

There could be a new Office of Animal Welfare in Delaware.

It would be housed within the Division of Public Health and given the authority to inspect conditions in animal shelters, kennels and pet stores.

The Animal Welfare Taskforce, headed by state Senator Patricia Blevins, will file a final report by the end of the month.

There will be money in Somerset County’s 2014 budget for free rabies vaccination clinics held twice a year.

The County Commissioners agreed to add over $12-hundred to the Animal control budget after health officials told them several months ago about the need for better control of rabies among feral cats.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the health department now holds the clinics in the spring and the fall charging a $6 fee per animal.

James Henderson head of Animal Control said his agency sees several wild rabid animals a month. 

Negotiations have broken down in Kent County, Delaware over how much the local SPCA should be paid for dog control services.

After two years of talks the animal shelter is now demanding that the county take back the dogs by July that are covered under its contract no deal is reached.

The Kent County Levy Court rejected a proposal for a 45 percent increase in annual payments.

The SPCA said the sharp increase in costs were the result of new state standards.