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Republicans in the House are moving to cut as much as $1 dollar for every $6 dollars that are now slated to help restore the Chesapeake Bay

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that Virginia Congressman Bob Goodlatte has also authored a measure that would keep the Environmental Protection Agency from enforcing the cleanup plan.

The legislation has been approved along party lines but Eastern Shore Republican Andy Harris and 12 other Republicans voted against his amendment.

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Maryland Congressman Andy Harris said last night that he supports the Cassidy-Graham bill that would essentially repeal the Affordable Care Act and rely upon block grants to the states.

During an appearance on the campus of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore the incumbent Republican said he believed the states were the best place for shaping health policy.

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In Charlottesville, Virginia the the white nationalist violence against counter protesters has produced a number of denunciations by elected leaders.

Representative Andy Harris (R-Md) issued a brief statement on his Facebook page condemning such groups.

"I strongly condemn the hatred and racism of white supremacists in Charlottesville. They have no place in a great nation like America. That's what my parents fled from when they came to this country."

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Congressman Andy Harris has introduced a marijuana measure that would clear away some of the hurdles that now face researchers.

The bill is aimed at reducing approval times and easing costly security measures as well as unnecessary levels of review.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the Eastern Shore Republican said as a physician drug policy was never intended to be an impediment to medical research.

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - A Maryland environmental coalition is criticizing an amendment added to legislation by U.S. Rep. Andy Harris that they say could stop two offshore wind proposals near Ocean City.

The Maryland Climate Coalition said Wednesday the amendment approved by the House Appropriations Committee this week would prohibit the Interior Department from approving project construction plans, despite six years of debate and approval by state lawmakers and regulators.

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A measure by Congressman Andy Harris to require offshore wind turbines to be at least 24 miles off the coast could jeopardize their development in the region.

The amendment by the Eastern Shore Republican was approved by the House Appropriations Committee.

And it comes after Ocean City officials said the sight of the turbines could jeopardize the resort’s tourist industry.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports Harris points out that a similar project of the Virginia coast was 27 miles away from the shore.

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Under an amendment by Congressman Andy Harris funds could not be spent to ensure the Critical Habitat designation for the Atlantic Sturgeon in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the Eastern Shore Republican said that National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration did not get adequate input from local communities for the proposal.

He said the agency had not provided sufficient documentation.

The amendment was included a measure adopted by the House Appropriations Committee for the next fiscal year.

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Congressman Andy Harris has co-sponsored a bill that would create a commission to celebrate the bicentennial of the birth of famed former slave and abolitionist Frederick Douglass.

In a statement issued by his office the Eastern Shore Republican called Douglass the father of the civil rights movement.

The measure to create the commission is co-sponsored by D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton.

Douglas was born in Talbot County in 1818 and escaped from slavery in 1838.

He later become a leader in the abolitionist movement as a speaker and writer.

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Around a dozen or so protesters stood outside the offices of Congressman Andy Harris in downtown Salisbury as the Senate Republicans work out a measure to replace the Affordable Care Act.

Progressive Maryland sponsored the protest opposing the House measure and calling for a single payer system instead.

The group says research shows that 56 percent of Maryland residents oppose the American Health Care Act already approved by the House.

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Representative Andy Harris says he could see defunding National Public Radio as well as the Independent Television Service known as ITVS.

During an interview with Current Magazine which follows the public broadcasting industry he decried – what he called – out of the mainstream programming at ITVS and described programming on NPR – “blatantly liberal”.

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It was a hostile crowd that met Representative Andy Harris as he held his first in-person town hall Saturday on the Eastern Shore this congressional session on the campus of Chesapeake College.

The Eastern Shore Republican was stopped a number of times in his efforts to explain his opposition to the Affordable Care and his claim that Medicaid outcomes were the same as for the uninsured.

Instead he called or high risk pools for people with high medical costs and turning more control of Medicaid over to the states.

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WYE MILLS, Md. (AP) - Maryland Rep. Andy Harris is holding a town hall on the Eastern Shore.

The congressman is scheduled to talk to constituents at Chesapeake College in Wye Mills on Friday.

He is scheduled to give a Power Point presentation on health care and get feedback from constituents.

Harris is the only Republican member of Maryland's congressional delegation. He represents a district that includes all of the Eastern Shore and parts of Harford, Baltimore and Carroll counties.

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WYE MILLS, Md. (AP) - People attending a town hall meeting by Representative Andy Harris cannot have signs with sticks attached to them, set up tables inside or outside and must not approach anyone to hand them informational handouts, according to a code of conduct issued by the venue.

Harris, the only Republican in Maryland's congressional delegation, will conduct a hour-long town hall Friday at Chesapeake College in Wye Mills.

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BEL AIR, Md. (AP) - Maryland's only congressional Republican is telling constituents that he supports efforts underway in Congress to reform the health care system.

Rep. Andy Harris, a physician who represents Maryland's Eastern Shore and parts of the greater Baltimore region, met Saturday with small groups of constituents during "office hours" in Bel Air.

Harris has not yet held a formal town hall meeting constituents since President Donald Trump took office, though on Friday he announced one scheduled for March 31.

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Some cancer patients and survivors showed up outside the Salisbury office of Representative Andy Harris (R-Md).

Their message: Any changes in the Affordable Care Act must maintain adequate and affordable coverage.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the group chanted, ”Keep us covered. Don’t cut our lifeline.”

Of special concern was keeping the provision that would not allow insurance companies to discriminate on the basis of a pre-existing condition.

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Around 100 people showed up for a town hall on Friday in Salisbury centering on the question of what will become of the Affordable Care Act under the new administration.

The organization Together We Vote Delmarva had invited Eastern Shore congressman Andy Harris to attend.

Michelle Schlehofer with Together We Vote Delmarva which put on the event said they had contacted Harris’ office numerous times asking that he attend.

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EASTON, Md. (AP) - The only Republican in Maryland's Congressional delegation says he will hold an in-person town hall to discuss Congress' plan to replace the Affordable Care Act.

First District Rep. Andy Harris' office said in a news release Thursday that the in-person town hall will be held on March 31, when it is expected a new plan will be available by the end of March.

Harris, who conducted a teleconference town hall last week, will hold two more, on Feb. 27 at 5:30 p.m. and Feb. 28 at 6 p.m.

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BEL AIR, Md. (AP) - Constituents of Maryland's lone Republican in Congress took part in one of several town halls planned to provide information on the future of the Affordable Care Act.

About 180 people attended a town hall Tuesday night at Harford Community College. A spokeswoman for Citizens for Health Care says Rep. Andy Harris was invited to the event, but he did not attend.

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BALTIMORE (AP) - After seeing disruptions at town hall meetings held by his fellow Republicans, Rep. Andy Harris says he's moving to virtual town halls.

The Cockeysville Republican said Tuesday during WBAL-AM's "The C4 Show" that he doesn't put stock in angry crowds at the meetings, blaming an organized group that opposes President Donald Trump and "wants to cause trouble."

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Congressman Andy Harris will probably stay in his current position.

The Eastern Shore Republican told the Salisbury Daily Times that he would probably turn down an offer to head the National Institutes of Health.

The journal Nature reported yesterday that the current NIH director Francis Collins was asked to stay in his job for the time being.

Harris has pushed for reforming NIH as a member of a House Appropriations subcommittee.

He told the paper that he was in a better position get reforms those reforms as a member of congress.

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There is a report that Eastern Shore Congressman Andy Harris is under consideration to head the National Institutes of Health.

CQ Roll Call quoted a statement from one of the Republican’s aides.

In a statement the Maryland congressman said he would be very willing to take a job in the Trump administration including a post at NIH or the Food and Drug Administration.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that a spokesperson for his office would only confirm that he is being considered.

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It’s now President-elect Donald Trump who swept to victory with 289 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton’s 218.

But, the states of Maryland, Virginia and Delaware did go blue giving the Democrat their electoral votes.

Voters React

Maryland Eastern Shore voters told Delmarva Public Radio’s Savanah Hatch there were mixed feeling:

On the Eastern Shore Trump overwhelmingly carried the three Lower Shore Counties of Wicomico, Worcester and Somerset.

Trump campaigned in Worcester County in April of this year.

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Congressman Andy Harris says that FBI Director James Comey has some explaining to do.

Almost two weeks ago the nation’s top law enforcement official announced the review of emails found on the computer of Anthony Wiener in connection with the investigation into the emails of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Then, just days ago Comey announced that the FBI found nothing that would cause the reopening of the investigation into Clinton.

WBAL reports that the Eastern Shore congressman said he doesn’t know what to make of it.

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Maryland's First Congressional District will see incumbent Republican Andy Harris seek a fourth term in this year's election after being swept into office during the Tea Party wave of 2010. His rival is Harford County Democrat Joe Werner who won a surprising victory over former Salisbury Mayor and now council member Jim Ireton. Delmarva Public Radio's Don Rush caught up with the congressman to talk about the issues and the possibility that Washington could once again see divided government.

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With the general election just days away voters on the Eastern Shore will decide whether they will reelect incumbent Republican congressman Andy Harris or go with his Democratic Challenger Joe Werner. The Democrat won a surprise victory in the primary, but his odds against the incumbent are long. Delmarva Public Radio's Don Rush spoke with the challenger about national issues as well as those facing the First District.

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Tonight Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump will give the police speech of his life as the Republican National Convention comes to a close. Delmarva Public Radio's Don Rush caught up with Eastern Congressman Andy Harris at the convention to talk about what he expects from the party's nominee and the divisions that have appeared within the GOP.

*Our interview with Congressman Andy Harris took place before the address to the convention by Ted Cruz in which the Texas Senator failed to endorse Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump.

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Congressman Andy Harris says he will not only support presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump he will campaign for him.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that during a town hall meeting in Fruitland on Wednesday he told the crowd that he particularly likes Trump’s choices for the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Eastern Shore Republican’s endorsement follows on the heels of a decision by the top GOP official in the state Governor Larry Hogan who said he would not endorse or vote for Trump.

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The voting is over and the presidential front runners came out the winners last night.

Donald Trump swept the primary states while Clinton won four including Maryland and Delaware.

In Maryland Clinton overwhelmed Senator Bernie Sanders 63 percent to 33 percent while Trump trounced his rivals picking up 54 percent of the vote.

In Delaware Clinton beat Sanders by 60 percent to 39 percent while Trump won 61 percent of the vote.

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Jim Ireton made it official kicking off his campaign for Maryland’s First Congressional District in Crisfield this morning.

Fresh off his victory for the Salisbury City election after concluding two terms as the city’s Mayor the Democrat emphasized what he described as the incumbent’s failure to come to the aid of local governments on the Eastern Shore.

"We need a congressman who will go to Washington to make a difference not a point," he declared.

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Senator Chris Coons called for a bipartisan discussion about taking in Syrian refugees.

During an interview with MSNBC the Delaware Democrat said that the discussion should include the refugee screening policy, an exploration of its weakness and the terrorist threats.

In addition, he said, there must be adequate funding and support for vetting them.

Fellow Democrat Congressman John Carney says he wants to suspend taking in Syrian refugees who are of military age.