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ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - Republican Gov. Larry Hogan and members of Maryland's congressional delegation say they are unified in their efforts to draw a new FBI headquarters to the state.

Hogan and congressional members held a news conference Monday in Annapolis after a meeting. Maryland's congressional delegation is comprised of Democrats, except for Republican Rep. Andy Harris.

Hogan and Democratic leaders are pledging to work closely together to bring the headquarters from Washington to Prince George's County.

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With Senator Barbara Mikulski’s retirement the political scramble is on and Representative Chris Van Hollen says he will be running for her seat in 2016.

Van Hollen, who has been a key leader in the House Democratic leadership has nearly $1.7 million in campaign funds on hand.

The Maryland Democrat announced his plans in an email to supporters Wednesday. His email was sent two days after Mikulski announced she would not run for re-election in 2016.

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A measure by Congressman Andy Harris that challenges Washington D.C.’s legalization of marijuana has made it into a must pass spending bill to keep the federal government open.

The provision would stop the District from spending money to enact laws or rules that legalize or reduce penalties for marijuana possession for recreational purposes.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that Harris’ staff believes the legislation would keep the ballot measure approved last month from going into effect.

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Congressman Andy Harris is seek a third term in the November’s mid-term election.

And, he has been described as a true conservative   

Harris defeated the Republican incumbent Wayne Gilchrest in the 2008 primary only to be defeated by Democrat Frank Kratovil in presidential election that swept Barak Obama into the presidency.

But, Harris came back in the 2010 mid-term elections to defeat Kratovil. He now faces Democratic challenger Bill Tilghman. 

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In Maryland's First Congressional District incumbent Andy Harris is not expected to have any trouble winning over his conservative constituency in Tuesday's mid-term election.  However, Democratic challenger Bill Tilghman has been campaigning to thwart a third term for the Republican. We sat down with Tilghman to talk about the issues and the campaign.

(The campaign manager for Harris says she expects the congressman will be available later today for an interview that would be broadcast during All Things Considered.)

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Congressman Andy Harris is making a big financial contribution to attacks on Eastern Shore Democrats seeking reelection to the state legislature.

The television ad takes aim at state Senator Jim Mathias and Delegate Norm Conway tying them to President Obama and calling them “tax-and-spend peas in a giant liberal pod.”

It adds, “That’s not what the Shore needs.”

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Delaware Governor Jack Markell says there are 11 people who being monitored in the First State for Ebola symptoms.

He joined the state’s top health officials at the 3rd Annual Public Health Preparedness Symposium in Dover last night and said his administration has been preparing for the potential of any Ebola cases for months in order to keep the public safe.

So far, there have been no cases of Ebola in Delaware and the risk of transmission is low.

The Human Rights Campaign has issued a list of the most anti-equality House members when it comes to gay rights legislation.

And on that list of 14 is Eastern Shore congressman Andy Harris.

The gay rights group wrote on its blog that the Republican has gone out of his way to support anti-LGBT legislation in the House.

A spokesman for Harris told the Salisbury Daily Times that the group had just praised Harris’s work on legislation approved last year  that lifted the federal ban on the donation of HIV-positive organs to HIV-positive recipients.

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Congressman Andy Harris has decided to withdraw his name to chair the Republican Study Committee in the wake of the sudden death of his wife.

The Eastern Shore Republican was considered a serious name for chair of the coalition of conservative House members.

But the National Journal reports that he took his name out of the running before the committee began to make its decision.

Harris’s wife of 30 years suddenly died on August 28 just a few days away from her 58th birthday.

Sylvia "Cookie" Harris, the wife of Eastern Shore congressman Andy Harris was remembered yesterday as a "right to life torchbearer".

Her anti-abortion efforts ranged from the neighborhoods in Baltimore to the halls of the state capital.

Her funeral was held at a large cathedral in Baltimore where it was attended by around 1,000 people.

She died sudden last Thursday -- three days before her 58th birthday.

The wife of Congressman Andy Harris has died.

Sylvia Cookie Harris passed away yesterday after being taken to the hospital.

There were no immediate details but a spokesperson for Harris said that they were waiting for an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

But one media outlet is reporting that she died from a sudden heart attack.

Maryland Republican Party Chairwoman Diana Waterman issued a statement last night expressing shock and deep sadness at her death.

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BALTIMORE (AP) - A Maryland congressman says subpoenas have been sent in an investigation into Maryland's badly flawed health exchange website.

Rep. Andy Harris said in a statement on Tuesday that an audit by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General has developed into "a full-blown investigation."

Chris Meekins, a spokesman for the Maryland Republican, says Harris' office received the information during an update late last month on how the audit was proceeding.

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Congressman John Carney is backing a measure that would eliminate some of the permitting requirements for registering pesticides near navigable waters.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that the pesticides would still be regulated by the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act.

The Delaware Democrat says that the additional permitting process under the Clean Water Act places a burden on state agencies which does not allow them to carry out other important tasks such as mosquito management.

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Congressman Andy Harris’s office got a lot of complaints yesterday but not from the usual constituents.

These were DC residents who were angry with the Eastern Shore Republican for trying to block the decriminalization of marijuana that went into effect in the District last week.

Barbara Helmick who is a member of DC vote that organized the faux constituent service day stood outside Harris’s office in Washington yesterday.

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A measure to block the decriminalization of marijuana in Washington D.C. by Congressman Andy Harris has made it through the House of Representatives as part of legislation approved yesterday on Capitol Hill.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that House Democrats who oppose the measure made no attempt to block it since that effort would fail in the Republican led House.

The Eastern Shore Republican’s proposal was part of the spending bill for the District and some federal agencies.

That legislation was approved by a vote of 228-to-195.

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WESTMINSTER, Md. (AP) - The federal government has decided not to use a vacant Army Reserve building in Westminster to temporarily house immigrant children after objections from Carroll County officials.

A spokesman for Maryland Republican Rep. Andy Harris tells WBAL Radio that the congressman was notified late Saturday that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services decided not to use the Westminster facility.

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WASHINGTON (AP)- The mayor of the District of Columbia is urging residents to boycott the Eastern Shore of Maryland this holiday, because of its congressional representative's position on decriminalizing marijuana.

Mayor Vincent Gray said at a Wednesday news conference that the city's residents shouldn't support someone who doesn't support them.

The mayor is referring to Rep. Andy Harris, who represents Maryland's Eastern Shore. Harris successfully attached an amendment to a House budget bill that would overturn the city's marijuana decriminalization law.

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Congressman Andy Harris wants veterans to be able to opt out of the Veterans health Administration to seek care from a private insurer.

The Maryland Republican’s proposal would be called the Veteran’s Choice Plan and would provide coverage comparable to what federal employees get through the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.

Harris’ proposal follows the scandal that has rocked the Veteran’s Administration which has found falsified records for waiting times to get medical appointments.

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - A Maryland congressman says the inspector general of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services plans to investigate Maryland's troubled health care exchange.

Rep. Andy Harris confirmed in a statement Monday that his office has been notified that the inspector general will begin an investigation into the exchange.

Harris, the state's only Republican congressman, says he has confidence that the nonpartisan and independent inspector general will thoroughly investigate "one of the worst exchange roll outs in the country."


Representative Andy Harris says if the state does not implement the new phosphorous regulations for the agriculture industry properly he will take action on the federal level.

During a meeting with the Eastern Shore delegation in Annapolis last week the Salisbury Daily Times reports that the Republican congressman said if the new regulations hurt farmers then he will consider with holding money from the state of Maryland.

The phosphorous management tool would alter the way the amount of phosphorous is applied by farmers.

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - A Republican Maryland congressman says he believes the investigative arm of Congress should look into problems with the state's health care exchange website.

The U.S. Government Accountability Office on Wednesday agreed to a request from a group of House Republicans to audit how $304 million in federal grants were spent on the Oregon health exchange website. A GAO spokesman says other states with troubled exchanges will be included as the investigation goes forward.

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Another candidate has backed out of running against Congressman Andy Harris.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that Bridget Kelly has pulled out of the race less than a month after entering the Democratic primary.

Earlier this month Harford County resident Joseph Werner dropped out to take a shot at county executive.

This leaves Chestertown physician John LaFerla and retired attorney Bill Tilghman still in the hunt for the Democratic nomination.

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Congressman Andy Harris voted for a fiscal 2014 spending bill that would provide just over $1 trillion in federal government money after opposing a similar measure that he said did not emphasize savings.

The measure passed the house on a vote of 359-to67.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that while the Eastern Shore Republican believes the spending caps are still too high he said in a statement that the measure preserved many of his fiscally conservative goals.

Harris was one of nine Republican who voted against the budget deal but then supported the spending bill.

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Congressman Andy Harris has filed papers to seek another term in office after winning re-election two years ago with almost 64 percent of the vote.

The Eastern Shore Republican has turned in one of the most conservative records on Capitol Hill.

The Salisbury Daily Times notes that Harris voted against the Hurricane Sandy relief legislation saying the nation’s flood insurance program needed to be restructured.

In addition, he has voted for repealing the Affordable Care Act or ports of it dozens of times.

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Eastern Shore Republican Andy Harris says he is against extending emergency unemployment insurance without a job creation plan.

Congressman Harris told the Capital News Service that he would favor a project like the Keystone pipeline that would transport crude oil from Canada and the northern U.S. to Texas.     

Meanwhile, Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen is pushing for an extension of jobless benefits and paying for them with cuts in agriculture subsidies.

The long term unemployment benefits ran out in late December affecting around 23-thousand Marylanders.

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Congressman Andy Harris says he is not optimistic about the budget battles that loom within the coming months.

The Eastern Shore Republican told the Salisbury Daily Times that he expects that there will be another stopgap spending bill in January that maintains the current spending levels.                                    

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Congressman Andy Harris opposed last night’s bipartisan deal that reopened the federal government and extended the nation’s debt ceiling.

The Eastern Shore Republican in a statement that he could not back a measure that would continue spending levels and does not reduce the $650-billion budget deficit.

He also blasted the continuing exemption of congressional members from the Affordable Care Act as well as other “accounting gimmicks.”

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The district offices of Congressman Andy Harris have been closed and his district staff furloughed as the effect of the government shutdown begins to spread.

The Eastern Shore Republican says he is preparing to donate his paycheck as the government shutdown takes hold.

His Washington office will be manned by two staff members.

In a statement issued on Tuesday Harris blamed the President and Senate for the shutdown calling the Affordable Care Act a disaster that will cripple the Maryland economy.

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Senator Chris Coons tried to make the case for a military strike against Syria during an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” program saying that it would deter another chemical weapons attack.

He said that not to act would result in Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would continue to slaughter his people with chemical weapons.

The Delaware Democrat in the Senator Foreign Relations Committee voted to support authorization for military force and added an amendment with Senator John McCain to use military force to change the momentum on the battle field for the rebels.

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Senator Ben Cardin told Secretary of State John Kerry at a Foreign Relations Committee hearing yesterday that he supports the president's objective in Syria.

However, the Maryland Democrat added that the believed the military response should be limited.

He noted that the White House resolution language does not close the foor on the use of U.S. troops on the ground.