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What  is this show about, anyway?

The Show about is a program heard on WSDL, 90.7 every Wednesday evening at 9. Each week, we take a theme, a meme, an idea or a genera and see where it goes for two hours. It could be a show based on words in song titles, like "fire" or " sky" or "blancmange". It could be songs that sound dreamy, songs for a holiday, or songs that reference other songs. 

Remember mix tapes? The Show About is kind of like that. Except  it's not.

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The Show About...Youth

Mar 18, 2015

This week, we relive our misspent youth. Oh, to be back in from of the Atari 5200 for endless rounds of Wizard of Wor......

The Show About...Wales

Mar 8, 2015

Wednesday at 9PM on WSDL, 90.7

Dust off your longbows and eat a leek. The Show About celebrates bands and singers from Wales this week. Yes, I know St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner, but The Show About thinks its high time the Welsh get their due. You'll hear Jones and Bassey of course....but also some Welsh language rock music (which I try and fail miserably to pronounce correctly).

Like this...

This week, we dare to go disco land! You won't be hearing the Village People or "The Car Wash" this week, but you will hear Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah  Band. Dust off your platform shoes, feather your hair and hit the floor.

Speaking of Dr. Buzzards Original Savanna Band...

so, please, just keep on dancin'

Flying saucers and little green men drop by this week on the Show About. Grab your ray gun and space go-go boots! Wednesday at 9PM on WSDL, 90.7 FM.

Here's Zager and Evan's "In the Year 2525"

and a little vintage fluffy hedgehog era David Bowie

The Show About...Love

Feb 10, 2015

Its not hard to come up with songs about The Show About just set his phasers for "random" and came up with a  collection of love (both falling into and out of) songs, just in time for Valentine's Day!

Spotify Version

Your free samples this week are Lou Rawls (the coolest and smoothest singer ever)

Fashion plates unite! Put on your sharpest suit and gel that's Sophisti-pop this week on the Show About.  Sophisti-pop was a genera of late 1980's UK pop blending elements of jazz, soul, and new wave.  No grungy guitars or screaming vocals this week. Occasionally, sophisti-pop just skirted the edge of adult contemporary blandness, but when it was good, it was very, very  good.

Your teaser this week is Prefab Sprout....

Wednesday at 9 on WSDL, 90.7

Before alternative music was alternative music, it was called "college rock", mainly because the only place you could hear it was on college campus radio stations.  The Show About this week looks at one of the many (unfortunately mostly forgotten) sub-genera of college rock...The Paisley Underground.

The Show About...Winter

Jan 21, 2015

Wednesday at 9 on WSDL, 90.7

It has been cold, damp, and icy lately around here...which set The Show About to thinking about songs about winter!  To whet your musical is a little Gordon Lightfoot.

and...for a complete bit of stylistic whiplash...Aussie rockers Midnight Oil perform a song about global cooling.

The first postcard of 2015 came with a request. "How 'bout songs with foreign words on the title or lyrics?" Sacrebleu! You'll hear everything from  "Le Freak "  to "Que, Sera Sera" on the next show. Enjoy as your host mangles not one but three or more different languages!

Wednesday night at 9 on WSDL, 90.7

Enjoy these little tibits from Doris Day Les Rita Mitsouko...

Happy 2015!

My New Year's Resolution for this year is to start promoting this little musical mutt called "The Show About..a bit better. What a coincidence, because the first song this week will be Spike Jones and His City Slickers "Happy New Year!"

So, our theme for this week is "New" many songs can you think of with the word "new" in the title?

Wednesday, December 31st 9PM-Midnight!

Break out the big shoulder pads, the hair gel, and the skinny ties for  special three hour version of "The Show About". Its a New Year's Eve New Wave Dance party!

Build it and they 

The Show About is a funny fellow...he's not on Facebook, not on Twitter, and doesn't really want to be....we think it has to do with his time spent as a  international spy for Luxembourg  in the late 1970's.

But...he does love him some postcards! We'll keep a running slideshow of TSA tagged postcards here.