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The Show About...Wednesdays at 9 on WSDL 90.7
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What  is this show about, anyway?

The Show about is a program heard on WSDL, 90.7 every Wednesday evening at 8. Each week, we take a theme, a meme, an idea or a genre and see where it goes for two hours. It could be a show based on words in song titles, like "fire" or " sky" or "blancmange". It could be songs that sound dreamy, songs for a holiday, or songs that reference other songs. 

Remember mix tapes? The Show About is kind of like that. Except  it's not.

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Ways to Connect

In honor and anticipation of Delmarva Public Radio's 5K Tie Dye Run, we present a very special edition of The Show About.  Our theme this week is, of course, "running".  You'll hear everyone from Sam Cooke to Jackson Brown to Yes to Sioxsie and the Banshees.

A collection of all the postcards we've received here at TSA.

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