The Show About...

Wednesday 9-11PM

It could be pop, it could be soul, it could be songs with the word "fire" in the title, it could be that obscure college /jangle pop/new wave//shoegazer band you used to love could get some wind for the sailboat*

It's the "Show About...". Each week, we take a theme or a meme or a genera or whatever pops into our little heads  and see where it takes us for two hours.

Like the show? Send us a goofy  postcard. We'll read 'em on the air (keep it clean, kids).

"The Show About"

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* (and if you got THAT reference, then these are the days my friends- you probably own both "It Bites" albums and used to spend waaaay too much time reading "Star Hits" as a kid....)

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10:50 am
Tue July 15, 2014

Postcards from Paradise...for the Show About

The Show About...Seafood

Build it and they 

The Show About is a funny fellow...he's not on Facebook, not on Twitter, and doesn't really want to be....we think it has to do with his time spent as a  international spy for Luxembourg  in the late 1970's.

But...he does love him some postcards! We'll keep a running slideshow of TSA tagged postcards here.

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