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Folk Alley

When Bernie Sanders took the stage at Cleveland State University on Monday night, he wasn't the first Democratic Socialist candidate for president to speak in Northeast Ohio. At this point, he's not even the most historic.

That distinction goes to Eugene V. Debs — originally a Democrat, then labor leader, founder of the Industrial Workers of the World and a repeated presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America. President Woodrow Wilson, and the U.S. Supreme Court, decided he was a traitor.

Ohio Voters Reject Legalized Marijuana

Nov 4, 2015

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Ohio voters will decide Tuesday on whether or not to legalize marijuana in the state — if approved, it would become the fifth state in the country to do so.

On the ballot are dueling Issues 2 and 3, proposed state constitutional amendments. Issue 3 would allow medical and recreational use for people 21 and over. Issue 2 would ban commercial monopolies from being written into the Constitution. That initiative was pushed by lawmakers in response to Issue 3, which would give 10 sites exclusive rights to grow the drug commercially.

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We introduce you now to a high school soccer team in Akron, Ohio.


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Everybody says Mayor Don Plusquellic loves Akron, Ohio. It's just some of the people he can't stand, as he said in March to a packed crowd at his State of the City address.

Now Plusquellic, one of the longest-serving mayors in the country, plans to attend his last ribbon-cutting this weekend.

Soon after that, he is cutting ties with city government. Plusquellic spent decades in office in Akron — he's credited with transforming the local economy.

But he is also called bombastic and a bully, and he recently said he feared that a City Council member might kill him.

This week, every middle and high school student in Akron, Ohio, is getting a glossy, two-sided card giving them suggestions for dealing with police.

It's a collaboration between an anti-violence youth group and the city's police department.

The "You and the Law" cards begin with the big picture: Stay out of trouble. And then a rapid succession of 15 points — control your emotions, answer questions about your identity, put your hands on the steering wheel in plain sight.

The newest inductees into the Pro Football Hall of Fame will be picked on Saturday. This happens as the Hall itself is planning a radical change over the next four years — transforming from a museum into a complex of hotels, conference centers and corporate training facilities — what backers envision as the Disney of Pro Football.

But, perhaps the most unusual part of that project is an assisted living center for aging Hall of Fame football players.

Two years ago, the Akron, Ohio, police recruiting video began with pulsing music and an image of police in helmets and camouflage with assault rifles ready. This year, the most prominent video demonstrates how to prepare for the physical tests to be hired.

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