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The Delmarva Peninsula is a rapidly changing place. Development is booming, we are becoming more diverse, and our arts scene is gaining recognition. Delmarva Today explores the issues and people who make living on the Peninsula such a unique place.

Your host, Don Rush, seeks out guests and issues that impact the daily lives of our listeners. How will possible wind power impact your wallet and the environment? Are local bloggers helping or hurting public discourse? Is there a way to balance the desire to preserve our small towns' heritage and encourage economic development?

From Dover to Wallops Island, from the Bridge to the Beaches and everywhere in between, Delmarva Today explores what's happening today and tomorrow in Delmarva.

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Don Rush

November's Salisbury City Council elections will, for the first time, feature five individual districts. Today, we look at the District 3 Race.


Jack Heath, Salisbury City Council District 3 Candidate

Tim Spies, Salisbury City Council District 3 Incumbent Candidate

Kevin Lindsay Salisbury City Council District 3 Candidate

Don Rush

November's Salisbury City Council elections will, for the first time, feature five individual districts.  We look at the race in District 1 between Shanie Shields Sarah Halcott and Aprl Jackson.   April Jackson was invited to attend our taping but failed to appear.

Guests: Salisbury City Council District 1 Incumbent Shanie Shields

Salisbury City Council District 1 Candidate Sarah Halcott

Don Rush

November's Salisbury City Council elections will, for the first time, feature five individual districts.  We look at the race in District 4 between current Salisbury Mayor Jim Ireton and his challenger, Roger Mazzulo.

Guests: Jim Ireton, running for Salisbury City Council in District 4

Roger Mazzulo, running for Salisbury City Council in District 4

Greg Basset, Editor and General Manager of the Salisbury Independent

Immigration is the topic of Delmarva Today: Writer's Edition, particularly language as an important aspect of human integration. Host Harold Wilson's guests are Jane Elkin, author of World Class: Poems Inspired by the ELS Classroom, and an English as a Second Language instructor at Anne Arundel Community College; Loubna Sobban, a recent emegre from France; and Sonia Lara who came to the U.S. from Venezuela. Loubna Sobban was born to Moroccan parents.

Delmarva Today 09182015

Sep 18, 2015

On the first half of today's program, we note the 100th year anniversary of the founding of Beebe Medical Center.

In the second half, we hear some personal stories of how heroin addiction affects lives.

Guests: Jan McCarty- 100th Beebe Medical Center anniversary Co-Chair

Christine Moore, 100th Beebe Medical Center anniversary Co-Chair

Leanne Silicato, 100th Beebe Medical Center anniversary Coordinator

Lynn Wilkins, history Co-Chair

Dr. James

A look back at September 11, 2001. In the second half, Former Salisbury Mayor Barrie Tilghman reflects on her time in office and current Salisbury City politics.

Guests: Former Eastern Shore Congressman Wayne Gilchrest

Dr. Michael O'Loughlin, Political Science Professor at Salisbury University

Former Salisbury City Mayor Barrie Tilghman

Salisbury Mayor Jim Ireton reflects on his timein office in the first half of today's program. In the second half, we look at the upcoming Maryland Stem Festival

Guests : Salisbury Mayor Jim Ireton

Phil Rogofsky- on the Maryland Stem Festival Steering Committee

Harold Wilson’s guest is Melissa Reddish, author and professor of English as well as Director of the Honors Program at War-Wic Community College in Salisbury. Melissa will discuss her latest book of short stories My Father is an Angry Storm Cloud. Reddish uses fantasy in her stories to peel back the veneer of normalcy covering her characters’ ordinary life. Exposed is a numbing sense of detachment and feeling of irrelevance. At the same time, Reddish offers new avenues of hope in her characters’ closed world.

Delmarva Today 08212015

Aug 21, 2015
Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

We look at the history of black baseball teams on the Eastern Shore and we examine the role of military intelligence in the battle of Gettysburg.

Guests: Kirkland Hall, Craig Mathias, and Clem Jordon

Thomas J Ryan, author of "Spies, Scouts, and Secrets in the Gettysburg Campaign".

official photo

Over the last 25 years, Wicomico County has lost one out of three manufacturing jobs. Is there anything that can bring them back?

In the second half, Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot drops by to discuss tax-free week in Maryland, the role of casinos in our economy, and more.

elizabeth prata / creative commons

How Delmarva's poultry growers are preparing for the growing threat of avian flu. In the second half, a novel that celebrates the traditions and struggles of the watermen.

Guests: Bill Satterfield- Director of Delmarva Poultry Industry Incorporated

Dr. Jo Chapman, Assistant State Veterinarian at the Maryland Department of Agriculture

Lee Richardson and Bill Brown- poultry growers

Angela Byrd

Hal Wilson interviews  Linda Blaskey, a member of Coastal Writers, about the Dogfish Head Poetry Prize, of which she is coordinator, and about her duties as poetry editor and interview editor for The Broadkill Review. After a discussion of the history and purpose of Coastal Writers, three of their members, Liz Dolan, Irene Fick and Margaret Foster will read and discuss their work..

A chat with Susan McCarty,  Assistant Professor of English at Salisbury University  and author of the short story collection, Anatomies.

In the second half, we rebroadcast a look at the growing Heroin problem on the Eastern Shore.

Jake Day website

In the first half of today's program, we look at plans for a large-scale industrial chicken operation in Somerset County and the possible long term impacts on health and property.

In the second half, we chat with Salisbury Mayoral candidate Jake Day.

Guests: Kathy Phillips- Executive Director of the Assateague Coastal Trust

Bill Brown- Poultry Extension Agent at the University of Delaware

On today's program, we discuss political candidates, both national and local.

Mike Pretl, with the Wicomico County Democratic County

Dr. John Bartcovich

and Salisbury University political science professor Michael O'Loughlin

Have you ever wondered if you could apply for a Fulbright Scholarship?  Kara Dahl Russell interviews Fulbright Ambassador, Dr. Brian Polkinghorn and Dr. Kristen Watson, Director of SU’s Nationally Competitive Fellowships Office.   They discuss the history and purpose of Fullbright Scholarships, and how to find out more about various ways you can become a Fullbright Scholar.   

Today, Hal Wilson speaks with Adam Tavel , local poet and associate professor of English at Wor-Wic Community College about his new book, Plash and Levitation.

Adam Tavel's Website

At the end of this month, the new phosphorus management tools are set to be in place. We'll find out what is in store for the Eastern Shore.

In the second half, we get some local reaction to the Rachel Dolezal affair, the woman who passed herself off as African American  while head of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP.


Doug Meyers, scientist with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Royden Powell, Maryland Dept. of Agriculture Asst. Secretary

Kevin Anderson, President of the Maryland Grain Producers

Eric Fischer - Main Street buildings / Wikipedia

It has been seven years since the Great Recession began. What does the future hold for Salisbury, Maryland in its aftermath?

Guests: Joey Gilkerson and Brad Gillis, advisors with Sperry Van Ness and are also behind the Headquarters Live venue.

Bill Ahtes, longtime businessman.

Today,  we explore the  health of the bay horseshoe crab population. In the second half, we look at the history and recent expansion of the Rehoboth  Art League.

Guests: Sally Boswell- Education and Outreach Coordinator for the Delaware Center for the Inland Bays

Dr. Dennis Bartow, Schoolyard Habitat Coordinator for the Delaware Center for the Inland Bays

Shelia Bravo, Executive Director of the Rehoboth Art League.

How writers, comedians, and spoken-word artists are forging a new cultural future in Rwanda.

Guests: Lee Slater, Senior Lecturer of Foreign Languages & Literatures at Old Dominion University

Herb Howe, Assistant Professor of African Studies at Georgetown University and author of "Ambiguous Order: Military Forces in African States".

Chris Ranck

We look at the growing craft beer movement on Delmarva, including the history of local brew and a new organization promoting the tasty stuff.


Anne McGinnis Hillyer- CEO of Sate Ventures, which runs

Tony Russo, author of Eastern Shore Beer: The Heady History of Chesapeake Brewing

This year marks the 70th anniversary of Allied forces confronting the atrocities of the Holocaust. We take a look back at that period and how it impacted the world.

In the second half, Rick Pearlstein, author of "Nixon’s Fall, Reagan’s Rise",  stops by to discuss the upcoming election season.

Guests: Maarten Pereboom, Dean of Salisbury University's Fulton School of Liberal Arts

Leslie Yarmo,  costume designer for Salisbury University's Theater and Dance Department.

In the first half of today's program, we get reactions to the recent events In Baltimore from a group of Salisbury University students.

In the second half, we look at the growing heroin problem in Somerset County.


Coye Gerald - Salisbury University junior from Prince George's County
Ruth Taleno - Salisbury University junior from Baltimore County

Autumn Moore- Salisbury University junior from Prince George's County

and Emmanuel Mones, Salisbury University freshman

Winning entries from the 2014 Rehoboth Beach Reads Short Story Contest were published in The Boardwalk. Edit | Remove

Nancy Sakaduski, founder of Cat and Mouse Press, stops is to discuss "The Boardwalk" the second publication from the Rehoboth Beach Reads short Story Contest.

Keith Phillips reads his short story, "The Watch" from the book.

On today's program, we speak with two important and interesting women. Mitzi Perdue discusses her recent book, "Tough Man, Tender Chicken: Business & Life Lessons from Frank Perdue".

On today's program, we highlight a few of the authors visiting Salisbury University as part of the 2015 Children's and Young Adult Festival.


Dr. Ernie Bond, Ph.D.- Professor in Salisbury University's Seidel School of Education specializing in children's and young adult literature.

On today's Program, reporter Jeremy Cox from the Salisbury Daily Times stops by to discuss his recent series of articles about income  inequality on the Eastern Shore.

Guests, Jeremy Cox

Daily Times Article

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Angela Byrd

Harold Wilson's guest this month is poet John A. Nieves, an assistant professor in the English Department at Salisbury University. Professor Nieves discusses his recently published book of poems, Curio. In addition to Dr. Nieves, the program features three students from the University who read and discuss their work: Maxi Garte writes fiction, Emmanuel Flores is a poet, and Tyler Tennant is an essayist.


On today's program, Salisbury Mayor Jim Ireton stops by to talk about the possibility of an elected school board, the recent  Wicomico County Council Elections, and his recent State of the City address.

In the second half, Salisbury University Political Science Professor Dr. Michael O'Loughlin discusses Maryland politics, including the legacy of Barbara Mikulski and a possible Presidential run by for Gov. Martin O'Malley