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The Delmarva Peninsula is a rapidly changing place. Development is booming, we are becoming more diverse, and our arts scene is gaining recognition. Delmarva Today explores the issues and people who make living on the Peninsula such a unique place.

Your host, Don Rush, seeks out guests and issues that impact the daily lives of our listeners. How will possible wind power impact your wallet and the environment? Are local bloggers helping or hurting public discourse? Is there a way to balance the desire to preserve our small towns' heritage and encourage economic development?

From Dover to Wallops Island, from the Bridge to the Beaches and everywhere in between, Delmarva Today explores what's happening today and tomorrow in Delmarva.

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A recent survey of 2,200 part-time and full-time female employees between the ages of 18 and 34 found that 1 out of 3 said she had been sexually harassed at work.  We get local reaction the the problem.

In the second half, we sort out the latest developments with the Trump administration.

Guests: Dee Copland with the Life Crisis Center of the Eastern Shore

Michael O'Loughlin, Salisbury University Political Science Professor

Delmarva Today: Writer’s Edition is on the road  at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. Harold Wilson is talking about climate change with guest Dr. Michael Allen assistant professor in the Department of Political Science and Geography at ODU. His research explores the intersection of weather and climate on human health as it relates to extreme temperatures, climate variability and change.  Dr.

Don Rush

Kirkland Hall has been a prominent activist and former president of the NAACP in Somerset County. Now, he has decided to challenge two term incumbent Republican Charles Otto of the 38A District seat in Maryland's House of Delegates.

In the second half, we discusses to meaning and implications of "fake news"

Guests: Kirkland Hall, candidate for 38A District seat in Maryland's House of Delegates

Jeremy Cox, reporter with the Salisbury Daily Times

The September edition of Delmarva Today: Writer’s Edition features a discussion of The Broadkill Review, one of the significant ​literary journals published in the Mid-Atlantic Region.  In addition to its normal non-fiction, poetry, fiction and book review offerings, this issue explores a fiction genre called “speculative fiction.” If this is a new literary term for you, as it was for us, listen in and hear the Review’s Managing Editor Scott Whitaker talk about the broad nature of this genre.

In the first half of today's program, Maryland State Senator Jim Matthias visits to talk about  hurricane relief efforts, health care and energy policy.

In second half, we bring you audio from the recent Shore Craft Beer Summit.

Sixteen years since the attacks on 911, we look back on that day to explore what we have learned and how the nation has changed.

Michael O'Loughlin, Political Science Professor at Salisbury University

Muqtedar Khan, Professor at the University of Delaware

creative commons (file photo)

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced this week that the administration would be phasing out the Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals over the next six months. We get local reaction in today's program.

In the second half, we welcome the return of the Berlin Fiddlers' Convention in Berlin, MD.

Guests: Tim Dunn, Professor of Sociology at Salisbury University

Nate Clendenen, organizer of the 2017 Berlin Fiddler's Convention

On this week’s Delmarva Today, architecture…perhaps one of the most visible and yet unheralded professions in America, if not the world. Dana Whitehair speaks with four award-winning architects from the American Institute of Architecture’s Delaware chapter about the profession, its importance in society, it’s development, and its future.

Ed Rahme


SEA Studio

This week, Hal Wilson sits down with Joni Foster, author of "When Normal Blew Up".

Greg Bassett / Salisbury Independent

On this week's program, we get local reaction to the events in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Guests: Dr. Clara Small- Professor Emeritus at Salisbury University

Dai-Sha Berry-  local civil rights activist

Rev. Christopher Bullock - Canaan Baptist Church in Wilmington, DE

Peter Montgomery, Senior Fellow with People for the American Way