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Dr. Danielle Cumming

Nov 19, 2013

Dr. Danielle Cumming (guitar instructor at Salisbury University) has an international resume, and multiple

events coming up this fall, as well as pre-planning the Spring Guitar Festival.   She plays a bit for us, and talks with Kara Dahl Russell about her upcoming performances.  A “tiny desk concert” from WSCL 89.5.

  Guitar in the Gallery

James M. Bennett students and pianists Kaya Manizade (Sr.) and Kieran Murphy (Jr.) have planned a dual recital to benefit the SWAC Instrument Barn. The Instrument barn is an organization which distributes instruments to low-income students aspiring to play in band or orchestra through Salisbury Music and Instrument Store (925 Eastern Shore Drive, Salisbury, MD).

John Wesley Wright

Sep 19, 2013

It’s September, back to school, time for “What I did on summer vacation.”  Kara Dahl Russell interviews tenor and S.U.

DPR CAPBA Award Winners

Jun 10, 2013

Delmarva Public Radio is happy to announce the following  winners of this year's  Chesapeake Associated Press Broadcaster's Association Awards.

Outstanding Editorial or Commentary

George Merril, Hal Wilson, Nancy Marie Seaman, Diane Marquette, John Reisinger

The Golden Years

Outstanding Specialty Reporting

Kara Dahl Russell

In advance of his multiple playing appearances here on the Eastern Shore (as part of the 28th Annual Chesapeake Chamber Music Festival), Kara Dahl Russell chats with Double Bass player Anthony Manzo about “the beast” he plays.   From detachable necks, to stick bodies, to sleek carbon fiber shaping, Kara and Tony “get physical” with one of the largest pieces of furniture in the orchestra.  Tony also talks about his extensive performance/travel career, what makes a good teacher, and what best prepares a student to have something to say, musically. 

Al  Calderaro is the gallery owner/curator of Gallery A in the blossoming arts section of downtown/oldtown Richmond, Va.   Kara Dahl Russell met Al a few weeks ago (traveling with her long-time friend, internationally recognized sculptor, John Antone).  They viewed the current show, and had such a multi-layered discussion that she invited Al to come on air to share his unusual view from “both sides of the desk” as a pop-art painter who worked in the heyday of the New York pop-art scene, and now a gallery owner.  He shares what he has done, and the new

This Friday, Feb. 8th  at S.U., the Faculty of the Music Department will present a recital in conjunction with the opening reception of an Art Dept. Faculty show.  Kara Dahl Russell talks with the Dean of the Music Department, Dr. William Folger about this, and other upcoming departmental collaborations on the S.U. campus.

SU Faculty Art Show Feb 8th

An internationally renowned pianist performing since the age of 8, who performed with the London & Berlin Symphonies, Martin Berkofsky’s recording of Beethoven’s Fantasie for piano, orch & chorus has been a big favorite with our audience.  Knowing this, and passing through Salisbury while traveling, he sent an email to Kara Dahl Russell and really wanted to “make it work” for us to have an interview together to be able to thank you, our audience for your enthusiastic support. 

Just before the Salisbury Symphony Orchestra’s Dec. 8th, 2012 Holiday Concert, Kara Dahl Russell sits down with the SSO Concert Master, Sachi Murasugi to discuss what the position of leader or Concert Master is all about.  They talk about the differences in the position within an orchestra, a chamber group, with a guest soloist and when her own students are part of her violin sections.

Colin Maier 

Kara Dahl Russell obviously had a lot of fun interviewing Colin Maier (pronounced MYer).   He has very interesting things to say about music education, creativity and serendipity.  His "path" as an oboe-accrobat has been so unique, and charmed, and his resolve to take the stuffiness out of classical music so good-hearted, that he is a joyous new note in classical music. 

Internationally esteemed Viola virtuoso Roberto Diaz, and current Director of the prestigious Curtis Institute of Music performs in recital on Sept. 29th, 2012.   Kara Dahl Russell talks to him about the mystique of the Viola, the repertoire for the instrument, his upcoming performance and recordings, and whether “classical” music can hope for a more melodic future.

Click here for more information about the Sept. 29 recital.

Beata Moon

Sep 25, 2012

Kara Dahl Russell says, “I believe that Beata is a prime example of both where classical music is now, and definitely of where classical music is going.” Beata Moon was a child prodigy, went to Juliard, then paused to re-evaluate her place in music and it’s place in her life.  The result was a turn to composition.  Her work is inventive and fresh, as is her way of approaching the production side of music.  In an extended interview (with some of her music playing underneath) we have a wide ranging discussion of music production, family influences, a musician’s “side gigs” and new definitions

Singers take note:  Kara Dahl Russell explains and demonstrates various vocal styles as an introduction to a risky new CD release by Celine Ricci, "Les Bestaires."   Ricci is a renowned French Baroque Opera singer who brings this very particular mode of vocal approach to a collection of art songs from the early 1900s.  This clip ends with about 2 mins of the song being introduced from the CD. See the WSCL Classical Blog for more information about this CD.

On August 18th at 8PM, "An Evening with Patricia Racette" will be presented by Opera at the Beach.

It will be at the Cape Henlopen High School Theatre in support of two local organizations.  Our listeners heard her last season singing at the Met, in both “Dialogues des Carmelites” and “Il Trovatore.”   She’ll sing a program of both opera and jazz & broadway hits, and we were fortunate to get to talk to her before she arrives in town. 

The Salisbury Symphony Orchestra will be performing "A Bach and Mozart Celebration" Saturday, March 3rd. SSO director Dr. Jeffrey Schoyen sat down to discuss the concert.

WSCL's Tom Hehman was able to interview International Euphonium soloist, Adam Frey, after he headlined a local brass event. 


On Friday February 3rd, Kara had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Everett McCorvey, Director of the American Spiritual Ensemble.  He and the Ensemble were conducting Choral workshops and masterclasses that week, culminating in performances held at Asbury United Methodist Church.  Dr. McCorvey spoke about the definition of and continued relevance of American Spiritual music.  Click this link to hear a streaming version of the interview. 

American-born piano virtuoso Ivan Ilic has just released a CD of Godowsky's transcriptions of Chopin's etudes... for the left hand alone.  Considered some of the most difficult works in piano repertoire, Ilic has made the rare release of the entire 22 work set of works.   Released Wednesday in Paris, not yet released here in the U.S., Kara Dahl Russell had a laughter-filled chat with Ivan about the works, the life of a musician, and a philosophy of art... and life.

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