Water and Sewer Connection Fee Waivers for Businesses in Salisbury

Sep 25, 2013

Mayor Jim Ireton
Credit official photo

The Salisbury City Council is providing more than $1 million in waivers for water and sewer connection fees for projects in the downtown area and the city’s Enterprise Zone.

They’re known as equivalent dwelling units which go for around $35-hundred.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the 300 credits will apply to properties in the Downtown Development District, the Central business district, the Riverfront Redevelopment Area and the Enterprise Zone.

Mayor Jim Ireton said that the goals of the project must range from creating living-wage jobs and increasing the number of residents living in the downtown area to boosting the amount of commercial square footage in the city and cutting 25 percent of impervious surface in the downtown area without shrinking existing building footprints.

They must also be compliant with the city’s Sustainable Community plan which calls for reducing environmental harm and preserving the existing community among other things. 

The incentive will expire after five years unless it is extended by the council.