Washington Budget Fight Hits State Economies

Jan 10, 2013

Governor Jack Markell (D-De)
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Governor Jack Markell says the potential federal budget cuts and the fight over the nation’s debt ceiling are hampering state economies.

The Delaware Democrat made his remarks yesterday as he led the first State of the State address of the National Governors Association at the National Press Club in Washington D. C.

Markell urged Congress to move rapidly to cut a deal to raise the federal debt ceiling.

He added that unless these issues are resolved states will find it difficult to draw up their budgets.

The Delaware Governor is considering extending the state tax increases that will expire in July because of the sluggishness in the First State’s economy.

He said that the Association has created a taskforce to come up with recommendations on federal tax reform.

Markell was elected chairman of the governors group in July along with Republican Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin as vice chair of the organization.