Wallops Flight Facility Gears Up for More Missions

Sep 25, 2013

Antares Rocket launch at Wallops Flight Facility
Credit Wallops Flight Facility website

More missions are on tap for NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in the wake of the successful launches of the moon exploration mission and the Cygnus spacecraft that will ship supplies to the International Space Station.

Dale Nash, the executive Director of the Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority, told WBOC that Wallops had now become a major player in orbital launch and even planetary missions.

With a quick 30 day turnaround, he said, that demonstrated that such launches can be done quickly.

He adds that does not mean that next year will see 12 launches but he does expect more in 2014.

And even with one every two months it will mean that more staff will be needed and more jobs in the area.

Two more launches are set for this year from Wallops including another Cygnus mission carrying more supplies to the International Space Station.