Vigil for Those Killed in Shoot Out at Salsibury Restaurant

Jul 12, 2017

A candlelight vigil and a prayer service was held at the Billy Gene Jackson Sr. Park in Salisbury this week in the aftermath of a shootout that left two men dead.

Credit creative commons

The incident occurred outside the Denney’s restaurant near Route 13 bypass early Sunday morning.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that a shootout between the two men resulted in the fatal wounding of one while the other was killed by a state trooper.

Lafra Jones, the mother of Michael Ward who was killed in the shootout, told those with children in the crowd to hug them because there was no guarantee of tomorrow for them.

Jones was not only mourning for her son but also for her nephew Jaquan Griffin who was the other man killed in the incident.

The paper reports that City Council member April Jackson helped organize the event.

She urged the community to hold a meeting once a month to devise plans for taking back the community.