Tornado in Salisbury, None in Worcester County

Aug 9, 2017


SALISBURY, Md. (AP) - The National Weather Service has confirmed that a tornado briefly struck Salisbury, Maryland, on Monday afternoon.

Meteorological technician James Foster said in a phone interview Tuesday that the tornado was powered by winds of up to 105 mph. National Weather Service experts arrived Tuesday to assess the damage.

The Daily Times of Salisbury reported that the tornado ripped through a 1.5 mile stretch of the city of about 30,000 people. Its path cut through part of a neighborhood and some athletic fields. Two homes were condemned, and a vacant commercial building collapsed.

The winds also flipped over cars and knocked down trees and power lines. But no major injuries or deaths were reported.

Mayor Jake Day told the newspaper that it was blessed and lucky the damage wasn't worse.

Worcester County

There was no tornado in Worcester County on Monday.

That’s the conclusion of county officials who worked with a crew from the National Weather Service.

Authorities say the damage was limited to mostly trees and some shingles on one building.

There had been talk on social media about a possible tornado in the county with videos showing heavy winds.