Top Delaware Republican Backs Same-Sex Marriage

Mar 20, 2013

John Fluharty, executive director of Delaware state Republican Party
Credit John Fluharty

DOVER, Del. (AP) - Pending legislation authorizing same-sex marriage in Delaware has the support of the executive director of the state Republican Party, who is gay.

John Fluharty said Tuesday that he attended a fundraiser in Wilmington last week for Equality Delaware, a gay-rights organization that is pushing the same-sex marriage bill.

He declined further comment.

State GOP chairman John Sigler issued a statement praising Fluharty's work for the party and saying that what he chooses to do on his own time with his own money is his own business.

Sigler said Fluharty did not attend the fundraiser last week on behalf of the GOP or in his capacity as an employee of the party.

State lawmakers have not yet introduced a bill authorizing same-sex marriage but plan to do so this ye