Tighten Vetting for UD Projects After Data Center Failure, Local Official Says

Jul 15, 2014

Proposed Data Center in Newark
Credit delawarejobs.org

New Castle County Council member Stu Markham is calling on the University of Delaware to more thoroughly vet major projects.

He says he wants to avoid the drawn out battle that developed over the proposed data center that included a gas-fired power plant at the old Chrysler site which drew sharp local opposition.

The University announced the termination of its 75 year lease with The Data Centers LLC with the viability of its plans for the 279-megawatt power plant coming into question.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that UD Vice Provost Charles Riordan said it would have been expedient to act with less information but instead the university undertook an extensive vetting process before making its final decision on the project.

The university is expected to have a power plant located at the site but not on the scale of the 279-megawatt power plant proposed for the data center.