Tigani Gets Two Years in Prison

Mar 7, 2012


             Liquor executive Christopher Tigani got two years in prison yesterday for violations of Delaware’s campaign laws that US District Court Judge Gregory Sleet called brazen.

            Before handing down his sentence yesterday Sleet revealed that Tigani had been addicted to methamphetamines at the time he committed his crimes and when he was fighting with his father for control of NKS Distributors, Inc.

            The judge noted Tigani is currently in recovery.

            The Wilmington News Journal reports that the 41-year old Tigani broke down at one point…begging the judge to let him serve a non-custodial sentence…saying – in his words – I don’t want to go to jail.

            Tigani pleaded guilty in federal court last year to illegally funneling contributions through his family liquor business to a number of federal and state political campaigns including that of then-presidential candidate Joe Biden in 2007.