Suspect Possibly Injured in Cambridge Police Shooting

Mar 19, 2012


            Police in Cambridge are searching for a suspect that may have been injured early Sunday morning in police shooting during a traffic stop.

            An officer is also recovering from non-life threatening injuries.

            The suspect is 39-year-old Demetrice Demby who could be seeking treatment.

            After being stopped for a traffic violation Demby’s 1995 Chevrolet truck was being examined by a K-9 unit when he suddenly drove away from the scene.

            An officer fired his pistol at Demby while a second who feared for his life also fired his weapon.

            The injured officer is reported to be undergoing treatment at a hospital to his arms and legs including a broken ankle.

            The Salisbury Daily Times reports that police say the two officers who fired their weapons were not being identified at this time for safety reasons.

            Two other officers at the scene did not fire their weapons.