Settlement in Student University of Delaware Logo Suit

Jul 9, 2013

Credit Adam Bloom and Benjamin Goodman

DOVER, Del. (AP) - Two University of Delaware students who got into hot water after creating T-shirts and other products bearing a lewd slogan incorporating the school's initials have settled a federal lawsuit.

Adam Bloom and Benjamin Goodman sued the university last year after being told they were infringing on UD's trademarks and would face disciplinary proceedings if they sold their T-shirts, sunglasses and can cozies.

Attorneys filed a stipulation of dismissal in the case Monday. No details were provided.

According to the complaint, Bloom, Goodman and a friend netted about $12,000 in T-shirt sales for homecoming in 2011 and planned to sell more goods in connection with last year's homecoming.

But they said the school's threats left them with a $9,250 bill for unsold merchandise and lost profits of about $25,000.