Senator Carper Inspects Failing Corn Crops

Jul 31, 2012

The heat wave has hit the corn crop with a vengeance.

And Senator Tom Carper got a firsthand look during a visit to a farm west of Georgetown yesterday.

The Delaware Democrat along with state and federal officials looked over a corn crop on the farm of Mark Davis where the corn found few kernels on the ear.

A recent report says more than 60 percent of the nation is in the throes of the worst drought in decades.

And Davis said he won’t even bother to harvest the non-irrigated corn.

Instead, he will simply mow it down.

Davis said he expects a 75 percent yield on his irrigated corn.

Carper told reporters that there is some financial relief with Sussex and Kent counties declared federal disaster areas.

In addition, there is supplemental crop insurance and low interest government loans.

Delmarva Public Radio’s Don Rush reports: