Senator Carper Faces First Challenge Since 1992

Sep 3, 2012

Delaware Senator Tom Carper has an opponent in his Democratic primary.

His name is Keith Spanarelli the first Democratic challenger in years.

Spanarelli sold some Sprint wireless stock and paid the filing fee.

He bills himself as the anti-politician and an alternative to a career office holder like Carper who has been in elected office for the last 36 years including governor.

Spanerelli says he will not take political action committee money because he does not want to be obligated to any special interest group.

Currently, federal reporting records show that the only money his campaign has is his own loans.

For his part, Carper told the Wilmington News Journal that he is surprised there haven’t been any primary challenges since 1992.

But he balks at the claim that he has grown out of touch with his constituents over the last forty years.

The News Journal also reports there have been no joint appearances at candidate forums between the two so far.