Senator Cardin Calls for Cutting Ethanol Corn Mandate

Aug 16, 2012

Senator Ben Cardin says he does not believe it is in the national interest to continue the Mandate on corn ethanol.

The recent drought has hit the corn crop hard driving up grain prices.

And that has had a dramatic impact on the poultry industry.

The Maryland Democrat told the Salisbury Daily Times that he really is worried about its future…and called for a way to ensure that the drop in corn output doesn’t harm poultry farmers.            

The National Chicken Council as well as companies like Perdue has expressed concern about the ethanol mandate with the kind of drought that has cut across the nation this year.

The mandate requires that 40 percent of the annual corn crop go to ethanol production for fuel.

Cardin has authored legislation that would link the ethanol production mandate to the size of US corn supplies.

Under the measure there could be a cut in the mandate for corn ethanol production