Seaford Taser Police Suit Settled for $270,000

May 1, 2014

Credit creative commons

A Dagsboro man who was Tasered by Seaford police has settled his civil suit against the city and one of the officers for $270-thosuand.

The incident was caught on videotape in which two Seaford officers pulled over Reginald Johnson, demanded he get out of the car without allow him much time to respond and then shot with him a Taser before roughly handcuffing him.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that afterward as Johnson protested that he had done nothing wrong, the two officers could be heard laughing and joking about planting drugs in Johnson’s car.

His attorney, Stephen Norman, told the paper that the settlement was a significant victory noting that his client did not receive any significant injuries.

He said there were no settlement demands for training or other non-monetary conditions against Seaford.