Seaford School Budget Cuts, Money for DE Preschool, Snow Days Take Their Toll

Feb 28, 2014

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Seaford voters overwhelmingly turned town a referendum that would have increased their property taxes for funding several education programs.

The vote was 1900 to 574.

School superintendent Dr. Kevin Carson says this means that the district will begin looking at budget cuts.

The other possibility is to look for new funding.

WBOC reports that residents – particularly farmers –  said they were already overburdened with taxes.

Money for Preschool

There will be some money flowing to preschools in Delaware who reach top ratings or serve the youngest infant.

Governor Jack Markell is set to announce today that beginning in July providers that reach the top two tiers of the state’s Stars program will get larger reimbursements for serving low-income students.

The Wilmington New Journal reports that the Markell administration is hoping the funds will encourage school to provide services to parents who would not ordinarily be able afford them.

The preschools are rated one through five stars and those who are rated the highest get the biggest reimbursements.

The paper reports that around 75 percent of the preschools are part of the Stars program. 

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Snow Days

Beginning Monday the Capital School district is adding 20 extra minutes to the school day to make up for those lost to the snow storms.

Superintendent Dr. Michael Thomas says that the students have used five snow days so far this year.

Adding 20 minutes onto the school days equals three full days to the school year.

Elsewhere in Kent County the superintendent of Milford School District says they only have three days to make up.

So the District will be putting days back on the calendar for instruction.

In March seniors will make up one day meant to be a professional day for teachers.