Sea Level Rise Proposals Offered in Lewes

Feb 14, 2013


Delaware residents gathered in Lewes to hear what will be done to mitigate the impact of sea level rise along the coastline.

The during the three hour meeting last night Delaware state officials outlined proposals to meet the accelerating coastal erosion as well as the expected storm and flooding threats as global warming takes hold.

The options range from financing buyouts and coastal defenses to drafting a better land-use plans and development policies.

In addition, among the 61 options on the table is simply helping communities prepare for the onslaught along with getting better information on the crisis and getting the public to be more aware.

The 24-member Sea Level Rise Advisory Committee hopes to complete their three year adaptation plans by summer.

Officials expect the rising temperatures will lift the Mid-Atlantic sea levels by as much as 5 feet by the end of the century.

That would mean permanently flooding 11 percent of the state’s land areas with as many as 20-thousand homes and 32 percent of state’s manufactured homes.