Salisbury City Council Still Divided Over Pay Hike Proposal

Apr 15, 2014

Council member Tim Spies
Credit official photo

The Salisbury city council remained split on whether to give pay raises to council members and the Mayor.

During last night's council meeting, Council member Tim Spies said he felt being on the council should be considered a public service and that he would vote against the raise. 

Council President Jake Day said felt similar qualms about taking such an increase in the stipend calling his felling "icky".

He said believes the council members do their jobs out of love and dedication to the city.

But he noted that the Mayor's salary should reflect the full time nature of the job.

The council decided to postpone any further discussion for later budget deliberations.

Credit Ashley Martin

The Bricks

The City Council did decide to dedicate $1,200 for an environmental study of the buildinig known as "The Bricks" owned by the city.

The council hopes that this will help get more bidders for the property which has been the source of contention when former council members turned back an effort that would have renovated the structure for tempoary housing.