Salisbury City Council to Discuss Budget Amendments

Feb 13, 2012


During tonight’s City Council meeting, a number of departments will be asking for money.

              The Salisbury Police Department is requesting appropriation of $21,000 to pay for emergency repairs to a police tower on Marine Road that was damaged by a lightning strike on Aug. 2, as well as budget amendment to transfer $1,400 earned through their ammunition recycling program from the General Fund into the Fire Department budget.

             The Department of Public works is asking for a $17,500 amendment to repair faulty underground wiring in streetlights on West Carroll Street between Camden Avenue and Waverly Drive, and on West Naylor Mill Road between Scenic Drive and Goddard Parkway. They are also seeking appropriation of $5,480 provided by the Local Government Insurance Trust to repair a traffic signal control cabinet at the intersection of Division Street and Milford Street that was damaged in a Nov. 6 hit-and-run.

            This evening’s agenda also includes second readings of ordinances regarding tow company regulations and the adoption of the Capital Improvement Plan for fiscal years 2013-2017.