Rezoning of Farmland Overturned in Queen Anne's County

Aug 13, 2012

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation hailed a decision by the Queen Anne’s County Circuit Court that overturned a decision to rezone nearly 600 acres of agricultural lands for commercial and residential development. 

By a 3-to-2 vote in November of last year the County Commissioners approved the rezoning, despite objections by two of the commissioners that this would have an adverse impact on neighboring residents.

In the case brought by 14 local residents Judge Sidney Campen ruled last week that any decisions by the County Commissioners had to be consistent with its Comprehensive Plan.

He ruled outright against development on the 213 acre Waylou property at Wye Mills and set a trial for the three remaining properties located at Wye Mills,  Chester and near Queen Anne.

The CBF called the decision an important victory in the State-wide effort to prevent rural sprawl from destroying productive farmland.