Revolt of Chincoteague Taxpayers

Mar 13, 2012


             The decision by the Accomack County Board of Supervisors to impose a fire and emergency medical services tax on Chincoteague is getting some fierce blowback.

            By late last week more than 100 people had indicated their disapproval of the measure…through a new Facebook page called Save the Chincoteague Taxpayer.

            And the Salisbury Daily Times reports that there is talk among Chincoteague residents to withhold payment of county real estate and personal property taxes in June…to protest the action.

            Denise Bowden, public relations officer for the Chincoteague Volunteer fire company, created the page just hours after county supervisors approved the uniform tax by an 8-to-1 vote.

            Bowden said – in her words – “we don’t need it…we don’t want it”.

            She noted that Chincoteague residents pay more in real estate taxes than anyone else in the county.