Revilization Of Downtown Salisbury At The Top Of Mayor's Agenda

Feb 24, 2012


     At Thursday night's State of the City, Salisbury Mayor Jim Ireton said while the city has experienced economic growth,  he is setting his sights on the downtown area, which he believes holds the key to transforming the city.
     The Mayor said the largest hurdle facing downtown development is the cost of an equivalent dwelling unit credit. Currently a developer must pay more than $8500 to to attach a  single family residential unit to the city’s water and sewer utilities. Ireton said his overall plan is to use excess credits from other City properties and create an "EDU-free" downtown area, which would reduce the cost of downtown development.
     Ireton said by 2020, he proposes a mixed-use urban center be developed on vacant riverfront parking lots and that Peninsula Regional Medical Center should be connected to the downtown area.
     The Mayor said since 1980, only two new building have been constructed in downtown Salisbury.