Rep. Andy Harris Votes Aye on Trillion Dollar Spending Bill

Jan 17, 2014

Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md)
Credit official photo

Congressman Andy Harris voted for a fiscal 2014 spending bill that would provide just over $1 trillion in federal government money after opposing a similar measure that he said did not emphasize savings.

The measure passed the house on a vote of 359-to67.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that while the Eastern Shore Republican believes the spending caps are still too high he said in a statement that the measure preserved many of his fiscally conservative goals.

Harris was one of nine Republican who voted against the budget deal but then supported the spending bill.

Meanwhile, Harris and Democratic Senator Barbara Mikulski who chair the Appropriations Committee said the measure would help out the Eastern Shore seafood industry by staggering its seasonal foreign worker who are in the U.S on H-2B visas.