Punkin Chunkin Lawsuit Quietly Dismissed

Jul 2, 2015

Credit punkin chunkin website

The lawsuit that sent Punkin Chunkin into a tailspin has quietly disappeared.

The legal action by Daniel Fair that began in 2013 claimed he suffered a painful spinal injury after flipping over in an ATV.

He was volunteering as a spotter to measure the distances reached by the pumpkins.

Wheatley Farms Inc. and the Punkin Chunkin Association were both defendants in the suit.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that there was a small notice on the court docket that indicated the case had been dismissed with prejudice.

The paper said that his attorney Stephen Hampton declined to comment on the dismissal which was agreed to by all parties according to court papers.      

The $4.5 million lawsuit caused the Wheatley Farms owner to no longer host the Punkin Chunkin event.