Pretrial Detainees in Baltimore Detention City Center, Gone

Aug 28, 2015

Baltimore City Detention Center
Credit Department of Corrections

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - About 850 pre-trial detainees who were held in the now-closed men's section of the Baltimore City Detention Center have been moved to buildings within about a block of the notorious state-run jail.

State officials led reporters on a tour of the maze-like correctional complex in downtown Baltimore Thursday, two days after the last male inmates and detainees were moved from the jail.

Officials say the buildings now housing the detainees are much safer. The dangerously decrepit detention center pre-dated modern penal facility standards. It was known for its hazardous conditions, including blind corners and dark corridors.

Some of the detention center's prison population was moved to facilities outside of Baltimore. There were 250 sentenced inmates in the facility when its closure was announced last month.