Possible Jail Time for Tigani In Campaign Scandal

Feb 29, 2012



      DOVER, Del. (AP) - Federal prosecutors say a Delaware businessman who pleaded guilty in an illegal campaign finance scheme deserves prison time, not home confinement.

     In papers filed in federal court in Wilmington this week, prosecutors say Christopher Tigani deserves a prison sentence of at least 25 months. They say such a sentence would send a message that engaging in political corruption has serious consequences.

     Tigani faces up to 16 years in prison when he is sentenced March 6.

     He pleaded guilty in June to using his family's alcoholic beverage distributorship to make illegal campaign contributions to state and federal candidates. Court records suggest that some of those contributions went to the 2008 presidential campaign of Vice President Joe Biden.

     Prosecutors say Tigani's request for home confinement minimizes the seriousness of his crimes.