Parking Rates To Go Up in Ocean City

Feb 23, 2012


            It’s going to be more expensive to park in Ocean City.

            The resort’s town council approved this week a price hike from $1 to $1.50 at the street meters from the Inlet to 10th street.

            The increase is expected to produce a half a million dollar annually that will go to the backlog of street repairs.

            Meanwhile…Monday through Thursday parking will be free during the shoulder season that is between mid-April through Memorial Day and after Labor Day through mid-October.

            The vote was 5-to-2 with Joe Hall and Magaret Pillas dissenting.

            The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the Council also allowed taxi owners and drivers to add a dollar surcharge to their fares if the price of gas in Ocean City hit the $4 dollar mark this year.

            But the council voted down a request that the base fare be increased by 40 cents and the tenth-of-a-mile rate by 4 cents.