O'Malley Unveils Renewable Energy Plan

Jul 26, 2013

Off Shore Wind Energy
Credit creative commons wikimedia

Governor Martin O’Malley is calling on the state of Maryland to up its use of renewal energy sources.

The Governor said that with the severe weather increasing in its impact along with extended trends of poor air quality “the costs of inaction would grow exponentially.”

His plan calls for increasing the amount of energy from renewable sources to 25 percent by 2020.

That’s 7 percent higher than the previous goal.

The governor also wants legislation next year that would increase the recycling rate in the state and aimed to use or recycle 60 percent of the state government’s managed solid waste by 2020.

Currently, that rate is 45 percent.

The governor also wants initiatives to develop offshore wind.

There is one plan to put wind turbines off the coast of Ocean City with a price tag of $1.50 a month for rate payers after they begin producing electricity.