Old Salisbury Mall Mound Can Stay

Sep 17, 2013

Mound at Old Salisbury Mall
Credit Don Rush

It can stay.

That’s the unanimous vote from a three member city panel for the 20-foot tall pile of crushed concrete at the old Salisbury Mall property.

But the House Board of Adjustments and Appeals said that the owners of the vacant lot must meet with police city housing officials and neighbors within 45 days to deal with their concerns.

1 and a half acre pile is primarily made up of crushed concrete left over from the 2008 demolition of the Civic Avenue mall.

The owners had planned to use the material once the 80 acre property was turned into a development of hundreds of homes and commercial space.

With the collapse of economy, the development was never built and the mound was never removed.

But there was a note of acrimony at the meeting with Mayor Jim Ireton and Police Chief Barbara Duncan in attendance.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that Ireton told the panel after the vote that he wanted them to know that their terms were up and asked whether they wanted to be reappointed.

The paper reports that Richard Insley, the board chair, banged his gavel and Jim Sarbanes, the attorney for Salisbury Mall Associates, said that the mayor should not have made those remarks because had not been sworn in.