No Legal Protection for Punkin Chunkin From Delaware Legislature

Jan 23, 2014

Credit Punkin Chunkin website

There won’t be any legislation in the Delaware State Legislature to shield the owner of the farm that hosts the annual Punkin Chunkin competition.

Senator Brian Pettyjohn told the Sussex County Council he has shelved the idea for now.

The measure would have protected Wheatly Farms where the competition is held from exposure to lawsuits filed by event attendees.

The Georgetown Republican said that he had run into opposition from the Delaware Trial lawyer Association which said it would set a precedent for tort reform in the state.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that nearly three years ago a volunteer who helped gauge the distance the pumpkins had travels sued the Punkin Chunkin Association and the farm last fall.

He claimed that he had been disabled when he was thrown from an ATV that hit a holes are he rode out to find the guard.