NAACP Demands Apology from Sussex County Council Members

May 21, 2014

Credit NAACP logo

Supporters of the NAACP blasted two members of the Sussex County Council yesterday when they withheld a $100 grant each for the civil rights organization calling it’s a discriminatory group.

Council member Sam Wilson took offense at the phrase colored people in the organization’s name and he was joined by fellow council member Vance Phillips.

Jane Hovington, president of the local NAACP chapter whose grant was turned down told the council members they owned the renowned organization an apology not just to the civil rights group but the people of Sussex County.

Meanwhile, Richard smith, president of the statewide NAACP noted that his organization included Republicans and conservatives in its membership.

He added if the two council members want a fight then “We will bring this fight to you.”

And he threatened to bring thousands to protest their actions.

The council members made no comment and immediately adjourned after the last speaker.