Mobile Home Residents in Caroline County May Have to Move

Mar 6, 2014

Downtown Marydel
Credit Don Rush

Around 150 Caroline County residents may have to find a new place to live by this summer.

They live in the Cedar and Hilltop Mobile Home Parks which have been ordered closed by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

For years there have been complaints about excessive arsenic in their drinking water and an inadequate sewage disposal system.

Both properties are owned by Shahi International Investments of Brookeville.

Marydel Mayor Debbie Rowe told WMDT that "Its bad. Really Bad."

Caroline County health officials say they have been urging the company to clean up the situation but have been unsuccessful.

County health officials say there is no immediate health risk to resident but if the company does not meet state requirements by August 5th the parks will have to be shut down.