Mikulski Urged to Withdraw Language Delaying Wind Farm

Aug 15, 2014

Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-Md)
Credit official photo

Maryland lawmakers, environmental groups and wind energy advocates called on Senator Barbara Mikulski to pull non-binding language in the Defense spending bill that would delay the wind turbine project in Somerset County.

The provision calls on the Navy not to sign onto any agreement to develop the wind farms until the second phase of an MIT study is completed on the impact of the turbines on the Naval Air Station on the Patuxent River.

Supporters of the wind project say that a delay could jeopardize the construction of the proposed 50-turbine wind farm to be built in Somerset County across from the military facility.

Pioneer Green Energy which is developing the wind farm project says it is close to coming to an agreement with the military that would ensure the wind turbines would not interfere with radar at the naval air station.

Among the supporters of the project are state Senator Jim Mathias as well as the Chesapeake Climate Action Network who want Mikulski’s language out of the bill.

Mathias says he is also concerned about the impact on other businesses coming to the area.