Mikulski Promises More Aid to Somerset County After Hurricane Sandy

Jan 17, 2013

Senator Barbara Mikulski told the residents of Crisfield that she intends to send more money to help them rebuild in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

During a tour of the damaged areas in Somerset County the Maryland Democrat told them that she along with fellow Senator Ben Cardin and Governor Martin O’Malley had lobbied to get the Federal Emergency Management Agency to reverse its initial denial of benefits to individuals.

The County was eventually declared a major disaster area even though there was little damage statewide from Hurricane Sandy.

A measure approved by the House of Representatives this week provides $17 billion for the Community Development Block Grant program some of which is headed to Somerset.

Mikulski met with the Somerset County Commissioners who thanked her for her help as chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee on the FEMA issue.

Earlier, Mikulski met with downtown business owners in Crisfield which saw serious damage especially to the town’s dock.