Meeting of Top Maryland Officials Fails to Reach Agreement on Gambling Expansion

Jul 17, 2012

No decision yet on expanding gambling in the state of Maryland.

That’s according to House Speaker Michel Busch who emerged this afternoon from a meeting with Governor Martin O’Malley and Senate President Mike Miller.

Meanwhile, Miller who supports expansion told reporters that he believe there are people need more persuading – or in his words – we need some elbow grease.

The key stumbling block is the state’s 67 percent tax on slot machine revenue.

Members of the House of Delegates have resisted the idea of lowering it since Annapolis raised income taxes in a special session earlier this year for those earning more than a $100-thousand a year.

Some of the discussions have revolved around allowing a gaming commission to make the decision on the tax rate rather than the state legislature.

Governor O’Malley is hoping to get a special session underway within the next two weeks to meet an August deadline to put the issue before the voters on the November ballot.