MD Speed Cameras Could Have New Enemy

Nov 12, 2012

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Even as Maryland authorities crackdown on motorists with speed cameras technology may have found a way around them.

The latest is known as noPhoto.

It’s a license plate cover that distorts the picture taken by a camera with two tiny flashes of light when it detects a camera flash.

Jonathan Dandrow is the Ohio-based inventor of noPhoto.

He says that each unit will cost nearly $350 and should be available for purchase on his website. 

Before Dandrow begins to sell his product he plans to get a safety certification which he figures will cost him up to $80-thosuand.

Other escape detection devices such as sprays and shields only cost around $20 to $40 but are banned in most states.

The Salisbury Daily Times also reports that the shields tend to be bulky and therefore detectable by authorities while the sprays don’t always work.

Maryland motorists with such registration plate devices can be fined up to $70.