Mayor Jim Ireton Reopens Job Search for Salisbury City Administrator

Nov 21, 2013

Mayor Jim Ireton
Credit official photo

Mayor Jim Ireton has decided to reopen the search to fill the Salisbury’s City Administrtor’s job now occupied by Tom Stevenson on an interim basis.

Council President Jake Day said yesterday that there was no consensus on the council to conduct interviews after Ireton submitted the names of Stevenson and former assistant administrator Lore’ Chambers.

Ireton dismissed Chambers after a public exchange.

He said he nominated her along with Stevenson because he promised he would do so with the departure of longtime City Administrator John Pick.

Chambers has sued the city seeking $750-thousand in damages as a result of the July 12th encounter which Ireton termed “legalistic extortion.”

Meanwhile, Council member Terry Cohen told the Salisbury Daily Times that she had not heard anything about the position being advertised, adding she believed it was “wholly inappropriate to bring people forward for an interview under these types of circumstances.”

Ireton said the charter is silent on how extensive his candidate search must be or how many names he can submit to the council.