Mayor Jim Ireton Gives State of the City Address

Feb 22, 2013

Mayor Jim Ireton
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With members of the city departments flanking him last night Mayor Jim Ireton touted a dramatic 40 percent drop in the crime rate with a 21 percent decline over the past 10 years.

During his address broadcast from Holloway Hall on the campus of Salisbury he also noted that the new police substation in the Doverdale neighborhood has been opened and that the city would be applying for more Safe Streets funding to continue the trend

In addition, Ireton noted that the Linens of the Week building and the Thrift Travel Inn have been torn down, while the Feldman’s building is being redeveloped.

In addition, he noted that the wastewater treatment plant lawsuit has been settled.

He also boasted of the recent accomplishments by the Department of Public Works including the completion of bike paths at Bateman and Onley Road as well as reductions in capacity fees and the production of close to 2 billion gallons of water for the city.