Maryland DNR Secretary Embroiled in Controversey

Feb 4, 2014

Department of Natural Resources Secretary Joe Gill
Credit dnr photo

Maryland Department of Natural Resources Secretary Joe Gill’s reconfirmation could be in trouble.

It began following a hearing on a measure last week that would allow DNR to open, close or modify fisheries in a 48 hour period.

Maryland Watermen’s Association president Robert Brown said Gill came up to him and said that if the legislation did not pass he could curt quotas that would hurt him.

Gill says that his comments were misunderstood.

He has issued a letter saying that if the current public notice system was not in place more conservative quotas would have to be imposed.

The Maryland Association President is not buying the explanation.

Brown approached Senator Richard Colburn asking him to hold up Gill’s re-conformation as DNR Secretary.